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How do I move on?

Move On Inspirational Quotes
Move On Inspirational Quotes

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On 7/26/2021 at 7:33 PM, SooSad33 said:

I have been through plenty enough, lol

I know all the shades 😉 

I have been single for almost 3 yrs and in no hurry to go there again.  It's draining & I don't have the energy needed to try again 😕 .

So, I prefer being on my own, as I have been through too much now.  Yeah, it does hurt, especially when you've been through it all over & over - and it's caused damage.

I often say.. Don't get involved & you won't get hurt 😉 .

I still suggest you do NOT seek him as a real partner in your life.  If you are okay as 'friends', fine.  But, don't expect more than that with him

He is now your ex, leave it at that! ( You already know you two are not compatible) . Then work on accepting this & move along.

Is always good to work on ourselves.. getting back to good.  Go in with a clear mind, when considering dating again.  So be kind to yourself.. Take some down time. - And don;t go at the first one who gives you attention.

Take it easy...


Thank you so very much... I wish one day to stop being so needy of male's attention. I'll try to be kind but that new guy is still in my thoughts, I wish he wasn't, I wish I wasn't tortured by regret too so I could really focus and start living for myself, at last.. But I will try my best.. 

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