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Catty turned crazy(long post)

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6 hours ago, lostandhurt said:

The next time you have an issue like this here is some advice that works great on upper management.  Say this happens again so instead of making it official by reporting it go to a boss and ask them for "Advice" on a problem you are having at work.  Then tell them a coworker(don't use the persons name) did this or that to you and you need to know how best to handle it the next time it happens.  They love this stuff and now they are on the look out for this "coworker" that is acting that way.  It makes it more of a big deal because you are taking the high road and not officially reporting it but you are trying to resolve it with their help.  Usually they have heard things and will know who it is and start adding things to their list about them.  Then when the crap hits the fan she is already looked on as trouble.

This is a gem.

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