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My relationship with money

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8 minutes ago, tattoobunnie said:

Try coming at this from a self-care and fiscal perspective.  If you purchase high quality shoes that were about $150.  Technically, you are saving yourself from potential medical bills that may have been generated from bunions, low back pain and spinal deformity, sprained ankles, etc.  And if you wear them for a full year, it amounts to $0.41/day.  So, in reality, instead of $10,000 in bills, you spend $150.

And let's say there is a dress that is $80 vs the one you do not like as much for $37.  With the $80 dress, it makes you feel empowered, therefore making your day at work much more successful, which leads to promotions and raises.  

My point - think big picture!!

You have worked in sales before? lol

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11 minutes ago, tattoobunnie said:

think big picture!!

Utterly agree, Tattoo.  One should never stint on good footwear  Our feet deserve the best.  And IMO $150 sounds quite reasonable. There is nothing to beat good soft leather.

And do tell me where you can get a decent dress for $80. L. I don't buy stacks of clothes, but when I do buy something it needs to be quality.  Cheap clothes made out of shoddy fabric might only last one wash!

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