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Thinking of breaking up with her, what should I do?

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So me and this girl were dating around 5 years ago, she seemed to like me a lot. I knew that someone else was interested in her but convinced myself that she wouldn't be interested in that guy as she seemed happy with me. About 4 months in to the relationship, one of my friends found out that she was engaged to him. I confronted her but she said no, although my gut feeling knew that she was lying so I stopped talking to her, she did keep messaging me afterwards but I kept ignoring her. A few months later I found out she got married, by then I had completely deleted her off everything. That was 5 years ago, she had a divorce around about 18 months after that. We got back in touch last year and are back together and things were good at first, but I am kind of having regrets about it, we used to argue sometimes we don't as much now although I still feel like I can't trust her; it's almost like a gut feeling. It sometimes feels as though she wants me to chase her even though I do a lot for her already, and I have also found out that she's had quite a few boyfriends since her divorce which also makes me uncomfortable. I think she likes it when guys pine for her but I've always been the type to never chase people, sometimes I feel like she ignores me for a day or two to see if I'd chase her. I also notice that she is online on her socials but sometimes takes her time replying to me, I try not to read too much in to that. There are times where she does seem like I mean everything to her but I can't help but feel some doubt deep down. I know I should start to let go as this relationship feels unhealthy but I feel too attached to her, advice on what I should do would be helpful. Thank you

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Listen to your gut and common sense and let her go. You are attached and you can and will detach. What you don't want to do is be in a toxic relationship and yes, this woman is very much toxic. 

Tigers don't change their stripes and cheaters don't change their character. Of course you can never trust her. It would be foolish if you did and make you a proper chump. 

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