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Wow that was a long time not posting or checking things online!  

 So the queen has passed. 70 years is such a significant spiritual number meaning completion, wholeness, finality and rest. 

She finally passes into spiritual rest after completing her service to her country. It is beautiful in a way, and I'm definitely not one to idolize the monarchy.

Now for King Charles III... lol... that's gonna be quite awful I'm thinking.

And of course this is happening right at the end of the Jewish year, so his reign will be starting with a basically new (Jewish) year, spiritually too. 

Jordan Peterson had a long clip on what will happen now... He's thinking this happened at the worst time possible and that the monarchy will disintegrate.

You see things differently with spiritual eyes and meanings. She's *supposed* to pass right now, that 70 year thing is so fascinating meaning completion wholeness finality and rest. She deserves it.  I was surprised he couldn't see that this is all supposed to happen and has been divinely ordered to happen. Hm...

The UK also deserves King Charles III. They deserve the changes he will bring the same way the US fell into judgement with Biden. It is a judgement that won't be reversed I believe but of course one never can see everything.

There will be a wealth transfer now (coming in the next few months) meant to humble people who are prideful and looked up to, it's straight from Isaiah 23.  I don't know if it will be suddenly or slowly... but the wealth will be moving to the Lord's people for clothes and food. Isaiah 23 especially verses 15-17


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Wow... so much from that Isaiah 23 resonates with Britain's spiritual happenings...

You have to look at, too, what higher entity did Queen Elizabeth II serve herself? There's apparently a book out there where she gave tons of quotes about her faith in God, etc. how she serves her eternal King first.  

What a drastic difference from Charles.  

He (and most of Britain) don't really have that kind of faith.  Therefore they were enjoying a kingdom under her that they really weren't paying into with faith/tithing/service themselves to God or anything.  

What does Charles really represent?  I know other prophetic voices are all saying the same thing right now (this is not really new... ).  

He has sold himself out to Arab countries and not only taken millions from the Bin Laden family in 2013, but also millions in cash from Qatar just last year in 2021.  So he's sold himself out to their agenda which will be interesting to see play out.  Will he dramatically increase the Muslim migration now?  What were those millions of dollars in payment for that he took from them?  He believes all faiths should work together in one religion, while he preferences this one over all of them and takes bribes from them.  What does that mean for the UK's future?  

Sad.  There are lots of quotes out there from different people throughout history claiming people get the government they deserve (even though it sounds so harsh and punishing to people who really don't deserve it... I get it... it's confusing).  A judgment of a nation is more than just what individuals deserve, but rather the leaders' doings in secret, the policies and things it's allowed for too long that finally end up causing it to fall into ruin.

From Isaiah 23... 

New Living Translation

"Is this silent ruin all that is left of your once joyous city?

What a long history was yours!  (seriously!  They had a good run.)

Think of all the colonists you sent to distant places." (I think many of those are rejoicing at her death... which is also sad)

Who has brought this disaster on Tyre, that great creator of kingdoms?  (how many kingdoms has the Crown created overtime... many)

Her traders were all princes, her merchants were nobles.

The LORD of Heaven’s Armies has done it to destroy your pride and bring low all earth’s nobility.

... and it goes on.

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