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I just started dating an amazing girl, and I couldn't be happier. Any tips/advice you think I could use?

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I (18M) work part-time as an elementary school librarian. For the past almost 2 weeks now, there's been a new girl in town, about my age, doing volunteer work at the school. AFAIK, she just goes around looking for people who need help and doing things with them, which is basically what I did the first few weeks I worked there.

One day she came in and asked if I needed any help while I didn't have a class visiting, and I just let her hang out and talk story for like half an hour. We hit it off pretty good, and now she comes and hangs out with me almost every day.

Let me tell you, she's been nice to have around. She's always got a pretty smile on her face and seems to like hanging around me. Plus, we have a lot of common interests, so there's plenty for us to talk about. And to top it all off, she's really pretty, and she has the cutest smile when I'm around her.

There's also been a couple days where I've come in and found a bowl of chocolate chip cookies with a card from her with hearts on it on my desk. I just think that's sweet.

Anyway, I'd been crushing on her for a while, so on Wednesday, I asked her if she wanted to go out on a date this Saturday, and she said yes! Well, I just got back from it, and let me tell you... it went AWESOME.

I left the house around 12:00pm and went over to go pick her up from her place in my Saab convertible lowrider (top's busted though). She was wearing the prettiest yellow sundress and had her hair up in a nice ponytail. I gave her a plumeria flower to wear in her hair, and then we headed off.

First we went down to the store to fill up my cooler with ice, snacks, and drinks, and to pick up lunch from the counter. Then, we went out to a longtime favorite beach of mine and spent the rest of the day there.

We ate lunch and talked story for a while, then went swimming, then we went for a walk down the beach, then we rested and talked story some more, then we just kicked back and listened to music for a while (and I got to hear her sing, she sounds beautiful), then we went swimming some more, and finally we watched the sunset.

As we were watching the sunset, we were sitting down on the ground next to each other holding hands. I told her today had been great and I couldn't think of anywhere else I would rather be right now. She said she also had a great time, and that she really liked being around me. We looked at each other for a bit until she decided to pull me in and kiss me! It was my first kiss with anyone in my life, and let me tell you, I ***ing loved it. We spent the next 20 minutes laying there on the beach kissing and making out passionately.

After we were done making out, I decided it was time to go. I would've loved to stay for a few more hours, but was getting dark, and the area gets really dangerous at night with all the drug dealers and addicts running around. We drove around for a little bit before I dropped her off at home, and we shared another good night kiss before I left.

Well today, she came in and gave me a good morning kiss at work, and I decided to ask if she wanted to go out to dinner for another date Friday after work, and she said yes. I'm taking her to the nice hotel restaurant downtown (the only real nice restaurant in this town).

Let me tell you, I've never fallen for anyone like this before in my lifetime. I've grown up in this same rural small town of 7,000 people since I was 6 years old, and I've met pretty much all the girls around my age around here years ago. Yet not one of them ever gave me the same feelings I have for her, and none of them ever seemed interested in me either. Some of them are pretty, yes, but I've never seen any of them as anything more than a friend. Back when I was in high school and people would ask me if I had a girlfriend, I'd always tell them I liked the single life better and didn't want a girlfriend right now.

Then all of a sudden, she comes to town, and I'm head over heels crushing on her. She gave me butterflies in my stomach and put a smile on my face whenever she came around. I was never too nervous to talk to her or anything like that, but I still felt something with her. Now we just started dating, and I couldn't be happier. 

I'm starting to feel like such a sap, I was never this mushy/sappy before.

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She seems to be very receptive which is great! Please spend time getting to KNOW her before investing so much emotionally. Too much too soon could spell disaster. Just keep doing what you are doing...taking her out on fun dates, spending quality time with her. Don't force things, just let them unfold organically.

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Good for you man! Sounds like a great experience you are having with her so far, I wish you all the best.

My advice for what it's worth is to stay cool and not be fussing over her too much. I'm not sure girls respond to feeling overwhelmed with that and guys that are too keen lose some appeal somehow.

Also, maybe have some plans for the future or something you're striving for, be it a career, mastering a musical instrument, travelling to a certain country, whatever - girls seem to like guys with a focus and some utility. Maybe you could find that thing together?

Good luck dude.

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8 hours ago, smackie9 said:

She seems to be very receptive which is great! Please spend time getting to KNOW her before investing so much emotionally. Too much too soon could spell disaster. Just keep doing what you are doing...taking her out on fun dates, spending quality time with her. Don't force things, just let them unfold organically.

Agree with this - you sound really into her -best advice is head in the clouds BUT feet on the ground.  I'm not sure why it was relevant what kind of car you drive - just seemed very random/odd since your focus is that you have a crush on a young woman who seems like a good and fun person so far!

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