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Hello all. 

I have been dating a girl for about maybe two months now or as I put it, we’ve been on 7 dates.  We have never done anything intimate. A kiss in the cheek was it. I’m traveling about an hour to meet her to only hang out. I don’t know if she is taking it slow or just wants a friend. She is critical of some things and seems to keep her guard up. She won’t come to where I live. 

We met on Bumble and whenever I make a suggestion it is either too far or out of her comfort zone. Before she came to Florida she was engaged to a guy and dating him for like 7 to 10 years.

 I await your thoughts, advice, comments and whatever. Thanks for reading. 

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If after 7 dates you are both adults and have not kissed properly and are not ultra religious then I'd assume she enjoys hanging out with you and does not have romantic intentions.  Also why isn't she traveling to you or meeting you halfway?

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Right so if she is declining and not willing to meet you halfway -literally - and not willing to be physically affectionate with you after 7 dates, that is your answer.  I'm sorry!

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If you are doing all the work here and she isn't even showing any sign of romantic interest then there isn't any.

If she is this guarded she shouldn't be dating until she heals enough to take a chance and open up a little.

7 date and a hundreds of miles traveled and this is where you are at?  Time to ask her straight out if she is interested in the same thing you are.

Probably best to cut her loose and meet someone more capable of what you want.



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Before she moved to Fla?

Okay, when was that?

7 dates & she's not too keen- YET, she still seems to like to see you ( If you go there) .

Yeah.. I was involved with a guy, long ago, for a few months. I had to drive there every time as well.. didn't last.


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After so many years, then to even get close to someone again, is not possible.

If she does this, while still working thru her last BU, that's 'rebounding'.. which means, most often, things will end as fast as they start. 😕 

I guess she may have been curious being seen on there, but she really shouldn't be meeting up with anyone, for a while.

I wouldn't expect much from someone like this.... tread carefully out there!

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9 hours ago, Teacher Guy said:

. A kiss in the cheek was it. I’m traveling about an hour to meet her to only hang out.

After 7 dates, 8 weeks and zero progress it would be best to cut your losses. Add to that the distance.

You're both still talking to and meeting others so finding someone closer and more interested would be a better investment of your time and energy.

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