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I'm approaching the end of my junior year in high school and have been thinking of colleges, majors, and whatnot. Since it's remote learning, I feel a bit alone in the process and am unsure of which colleges I would enjoy attending, or how to discover more colleges of the majors I like.

I definitely want to major in something art- or design-related, and have wanted to for a while (it's just something I've been building up to and had decided long before my junior year- I've been working on a portfolio and taking multiple art classes per week and the like), but I'd also like to have my options open and maybe minor in some STEM or language courses for fun, rather than attend an art school with only art courses provided. Some colleges I know that have a great art program while also having many other options include UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, and Brown, but I'm having some trouble finding similar colleges with a good art program as well as a wide range of courses that I could explore.

Also just as a side note: I'm also looking for an internship or part-time job for the summer, but am having trouble finding one for my age (16yo) and qualifications (entry level). If anyone has any suggestions as for where to look or which places would accept, that'd be great too!

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I actually just did this with my daughter — she wanted a stand-alone art school at a university so that she could take some other classes and meet other kinds of students but still have the full art school experience. Your choices are good. Also check out Arizona State — huge $$ infusion into the art school, which now has spectacular facilities, Texas at Austin also has a very good art school, and look into the Brown/RISD program — HIGHLY selective but interesting. Also, take a look at Cooper Union in New York — excellent small skill exclusively for art, engineering and architecture. 

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