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What can I do to make my cat less aggressive toward me?


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I adopted a domestic shorthair female from a shelter when she was four months old. She is now almost three. We love her very much, but she shows aggressive behaviors toward us on occasion. For example, just this morning my husband sat on the floor to do a few sit ups. Our cat walked over and sat down next to him and I saw her head bob up and down as she followed his movements. Suddenly her ears went back, she crouched down and screeched, then lunged at his head. Other times she will be sitting next to me and I'll put my arm down not even touching her and she will bite my hand.   

We have said "no" in a firm voice and either move her away or get a toy to redirect her biting behavior to other objects. We have wand toys we use each day to allow her to vent her energy at that. Mostly she hisses at her toys as she "plays". I sometimes think our playtime just enhances her aggression. She has a vertical "tree" where she has her own space in the house. She has a few litter boxes that we clean each day. All of this to try to make her feel comfortable. 

Sometimes I wonder if I just got a cat with an aggressive personality. Our neighbor has a cat they let outside frequently and when she wonders into our yard, my cat runs around to all windows and watches her and even jumps into the window pane at her and hisses.  

Is there anything I can do to make her less aggressive or something I am missing?    


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Please, Ginger, buy a book right now about feline behaviour.

Cats aren't dogs lol.

The cat is a hunter, and her behaviour is a kind of practice. And of course the cat hisses at the neighbour's cat, as this is territorial behaviour.

And a cat will give you a little nip now and then; it's a sign of affection. 

And check out the wonderful CatPusic on youtube.  There you will see the whole gamut of feline behaviour. 



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Is she fixed?

My son has a quirky type- overly aggressive male who tends to attack them as well.. I said, he can't be doing that..

I had a client who's one cat would tend to hang with him.. too much, where we could not get to him , unless we sprayed it away.. ( mist), as cat's do not fancy water.  But, was the only way..

I told my son to get a spray bottle & do the same.. Him & his gf showed up few wks ago & had scratches all over them 😕 .

The cat needs to stop attacking people.. so is best to try & get her to stop that.

IF she simply cannot be controlled, is best maybe to take her back to the rescue & maybe try another one?  I had to to that with a really messy/dirty cat we had 10 mos .


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