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Can't be myself when someone raises voice and talks (even if it is my own mother)

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I am a very caring person and a helpful one. I go out of my way to do things for even strangers, however my mother is a bit rough. She naturally talks with a raised voice which sounds like as if she is lashing on me. This disorients me and I lose myself. Leave everything bad worsen the situation. Please help. 

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Ask her politely to keep her voice down. If she cannot control the decibels, let her know that you have a lot to do and excuse yourself from the room. You teach others how to treat you. You do not have to be rude. Excuse yourself.

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1 hour ago, PGR said:

my mother is a bit rough. She naturally talks with a raised voice which sounds like as if she is lashing on me. 

How old are you? Do you live at home? Is she naturally loud or is she doing this when annoyed? Just walk away, terminate the conversation, etc. Don't stick around if it bothers you. 

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Oh, that is hard to deal with 😕 

My ex's sister was like that.. never knew when she was actually upset.

If you are still at home, not easy to get away from that...

Have you made her aware of her loud voice setting you off?


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