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31 minutes ago, Wiseman2 said:

Sorry this happened. Did she contact you? Is she recently divorced/broken up?

Often people come out of the past with an agenda, and it's their agenda, so don't take it personally.

After the flurry of pre catch-up excitement it seems to simply have drifted off.

Perhaps a she's back with an ex, perhaps she's reaching out to old friends for whatever reason, who knows?

In any case don't take it personally that after meeting to catch up she faded out. It's about her flakiness, not you.

yes , she contacted me out of the blue. she must have been searching on Facebook for me and sent a friend request, completely randomly.
So yes, i feel there was an agenda there. 
She's definately very single which was why i thought this could be good.

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12 minutes ago, Jon F said:

yes , she contacted me out of the blue. So yes, i feel there was an agenda there. 

Exactly. It's not about you or anything you said, did or what happened during your catch-up meet. She's just going through something and decided to look people up. Her ghosting/flaking is all related to her sudden reappearance and issues.

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I dont really think somebody would reach out or message you or express any sort of interest in any capacity if the goal was to lead you on. I mean, dont get me wrong, there are people who would, its just that they are very rare and the goal would be, I dunno, money or power in most cases. As for other questions, who knows. I had a girl that expressed very high interest but backed off on a date and didnt want anything. Only to find out week later that she has gone back to her ex before our date without even telling me. Maybe you didnt react on time, there is also possibility of that. Sometimes its just that kind of situation. Its tricky with girls. Anyway, just move on. You mentioned acoustic, I assume that you play guitar. Girls love that, focus more on that maybe. 

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8 hours ago, Jon F said:

 , she did come across as a bit like a love-sick teenage girl...but then again so did I!!

That's the impression I got from your first post - you both coming on way too strong, way too soon (imo).  Overkill on all the gushing etc. 

That said, I think it's simply a case of after the first meeting she just didn't feel a spark, no real chemistry and that's why she backed off.  It happens.  Sure it hurts, but that's life.  I would let this one go on her merry way.

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Well, first of all, I think don't worry about being bald because it's not really that big a deal. Well, it doesn't bother me personally at all. I'm 36 and I also really want to settle down and have kids. I wouldn't reject a good guy just because he was bald. It's already hard enough to find someone as it is! 

I think in the case of this "friend" of yours, the whole thing sounded kind of shady from the start. I know everyone Facebook stalks (well, a lot do anyway lol). I know people get curious and want to look up old friends and things like that. But the fact that you hadn't spoken for fifteen years and then all of a sudden she looked you up and she began to act so into you and so full-on, is actually quite suspicious.

Sounds like maybe she's emotionally unstable and/or she was just dumped and she was on a big rebound. Or maybe she found out that her ex had moved on and got married or something and she got really worried that she doesn't have anyone. Or maybe she's been dating a lot and she's been having no luck. Some people like to go through their "little black book" (now called their phone/social media lol) if they're having a dating dry spell. To be honest it sounds like she looked you up with some ulterior motives, not just to say hello. Sounds like she was going through something and she wanted an ego boost.

It doesn't really sound normal that after 15 years of no contact with you she was so into you. Then after you actually met, she just did a complete turn around. Unless you acted too full-on as well, the problem is probably with her and not you. You were still exactly the same guy she was talking to online or video calls or what not. All you can really do is be yourself. Yes, bald and all. If women don't like you as you are then it's their loss. 

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