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What should I dooo

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So I used to be best friends with this guy ( I’m a girl ) and after the friendship began to get serious he told me that he was bisexual, and tbh that kinda threw me off cause I didn’t expect that at all and I though he was about to confess he’s into me (imagine the surprise...). So *** got weird you know cuddling and weird hints, I started getting feelings for him but we started fighting a lot too so I cut things off and we stopped talking. I realised how much he used my loyalty to his advantage and that combined with the drama he did in our friend group over my decision to end things made me get mad at him. 
But at a party a few days ago I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror to relax myself cause he wouldn’t stop staring at me and it pissed me off, somehow he saw me going and followed me and he mistook my look for not feeling well so he brought water and asked me if I’m ok and if I need anything and I was just so frustrated I told him to get away from me and he just answered “no I’m not going anywhere so stop it” eventually I turned around and walked away. It left me so confused, why won’t he let me move on? Couldn’t  he really see how I felt towards him? Is he trying to tell me something? I have no idea how to move on from this entire situation. Advice?  


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Sorry this happened. You need better boundaries and to distance yourself more. For example,why is he in a bathroom with you?

He's toxic and confused. You need to be much firmer that the friendship is over.

Delete and block him and all his people from ALL your social media and messaging apps.

Avoid him at social gatherings. Consider making more friends and better friends.

Don't be cuddle buddies with random guys. Those types of weird situationships lead to confusing feelings like this.

Have good reliable friends and date decent straight interested guys.

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