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How to respond to this recruiter approaching me for a role at my former employer?

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Hi all,


I received an email from a recruiter I know pretty well for a role in a Big4 I left about a year ago now. I currently in industry and would eventually like to return to this Big4 at some point.

The requirements in the job description don't 100% align with my current skill-set as they require someone working towards a corporate finance qualification (ACCA, ACA, CPA etc...), which I am, but they also require this individual to have 3 years PQE (I have 6 years professional experience, but obviously not PQE as I haven't finished my exams yet). A bit confusing.

The recruiter basically bragged about how great this Big4 would look on a CV etc... (perhaps he forgot I worked at this very same company last year) and finished his email saying "he may appreciate this role might not be for me, but if I know someone in my network etc...".

I assume he already assessed that my CV does not fully align with the role. The thing is I'd like to let him know I'm open to new roles and potentially re-joining my former Big4 if a suitable opportunity arises (without saying "I think I'm not qualified enough for the role you just presented").


How do I approach this?



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hmmm... well considering he contacted you,  I would not tell him you don't think you're qualified. At least not in your response.

I would respond back that you're interested in opportunities at this firm and ask if he would like to talk more. give him 2 different times you can talk....  something short and to the point like....

Thank you for reaching out to me.  I am interested in opportunities at XYZ. I can be available to talk on Monday morning or Thursday midday. Do either of these times fit in your schedule? 

When you're taking through the job & your experience, it will naturally come to whether you are qualified or not. Don't feel bad if you're not.  Remember new jobs are all about fit. If it doesn't fit you,  it doesn't.  Nothing to feel bad about. 

Recruiters need to fill positions. If not this one, there are more.  Turn this is into a networking opportunity and keep the contact open. 


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I fully endorse Lambert's good advice on this one.  Bear in mind the recruiter is on a fishing trip and has no doubt contacted numerous persons.


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Agree.  I am putting two and two together but it seems to me you have trouble being comfortable responding in a way that asserts boundaries in a firm and polite way while still taking advantage of interacting in a positive way - like the thread about your family. The recruiter is not bragging but simply doing his job.  Just call and listen.  Often either the actual opportunity is somewhat different from what is described or the recruiter then has even more opportunities.  Always call if you're the least bit interested.  Good luck!

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Recruiters make money when they place people. So he is trying to see if there is a possibility of a commission for him.

That being said, I got my current (excellent) job because a recruiter reached out to me. And even if I'm not currently looking for a job I like to keep an ongoing relationship with recruiters because you never know.

I would respond as @Lambert suggested. I would also recommend you attach your resume to your response (make sure it's current).

Good luck!

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On 4/30/2021 at 6:32 AM, RuedeRivoli said:

I'm open to new roles and potentially re-joining my former Big4 if a suitable opportunity arises

Say this.

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