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Should I be upset?

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He's trying to get a rise out of you, a reaction. It's said in spite. No need to pay any mind. Just stay calm and get your ducks lined in a row to separate.

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OK first of all, break ups don't fix relationships. You split up because you weren't getting along and weren't able to effectively address the issues between you. What he or you did while you wer

He is only 34 and already has been married and divorced twice??? Nothing about this raises a massive red flag for you? You do realize that going off and immediately "falling in love" with the other wo

Blame shifting and gaslighting are standard fare for these types of people, as is presenting themselves as the victim. That's what makes their behavior so confusing and difficult to see through, espec

He's trying to make you feel guilty so you'll change your mind. 

He's going to use several tactics. Just be aware.

And keep in mind, he won't try to lure you back because he loves you so gosh darned much. It's because he doesn't want to have to go through the trouble of finding another woman who will accept his abuse.

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31 minutes ago, sunshine1422 said:

20, 17, 13, and 10 My two oldest do not have anything to do with their farther since the divorce 5 years ago.

Sorry that is happening. Does their father pay child support? Does he have visitation with the younger ones?

Can they spend more time with extended family, aunt/uncles, grandparents, etc.?

Or with friends, other relatives, sleepovers, etc.?  Will the older ones be going away to college?

Do you encourage them to be out of the house with sports, clubs, groups, summer camp, lessons, etc.? Until the turmoil is over and you are out of the house, can you shield them from this man? 

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