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It might be helpful to research what approaches have worked for people who torture themselves over having a crush on a celebrity who they can never 'have'.

It's pretty much the same dynamic, isn't it?

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On 4/26/2021 at 7:24 AM, MissCanuck said:

She'll be fine. 

She's got you believing the little story that she needs you, but you have to stop falling for that. If she's sexting other guys, she will have no problem finding someone else to manipulate. 

You would be naive to believe you're the only man she's got wrapped around her finger right now. 

You were right about everything you said, from the first day. I feel stupid not believing you. I know this sounds really immature but I eventually got her to block me. 

I didn’t want to do that but it just became a compulsion constantly checking the means of communication, deleting it, worrying, reinstalling, etc.

I spoke to my best friend about the situation and even he said that he wished that she wouldn’t contact me anymore. Yesterday I felt like killing myself because I was hurting so bad. 

But recently, I’ve been going to the gym, playing more handball, and trying to feel better about myself. My friend was in Florida so I had no one to do anything with or talk to.

You guys helped me a lot. I just want to move forward with my healing and get past this phase in my life. Sometimes my greatest asset is my biggest downfall. The same ability that allows me to hyper focus and program/ study for long hours; is the same mechanism that causes me to focus on these unhealthy relationships.

Im sure there is more to it then that, either way. Thank you for your help. And for the person that said, no more internet, you were right about that too.

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