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Background: Things endless badly between me and my ex. We were together for almost 4.5 years on and off. 

We both said some hurtful things to each other and she loved out- It’s been six months or no real contact and I asked my ex to meet up and she initially agreed but now it sounds like she’s backing out.


me: I’m going to be in our hometown soon and would like to see you. 

her: when are you planning on visiting, I have plans at the end of the month.

me: sometime within the next week or two.

her: I won’t be able to come to our home time either one of those weekends.

me: 😒😳🤔 (I haven’t replied yet)


Can someone please tell me what to make of this?! Is she playing hard to get or letting me down easily.



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Many dumpers say we can try again later.

It's a way of letting the dumpee down easier, trying to spare them some pain, avoiding some guilt, conflict, etc.

It means nothing.

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In my experience, if someone is really interested in seeing you, if they were unable to make the date you suggested, they would be doing more to ensure another date could be confirmed, and that means by suggesting specific dates and times, not just saying that it could be tried again later

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@gamon @artsygirl she agreed to meet at a later date🤪 




me: you’re really busy, let me know when you’re free

her: I can make adjustments for this weekend, can you come then?

me: sure thing, let you know once I’m there.


did I mention that this is over email?? We’re both toxic 🥴🙈🙃

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