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How to seduce her? (she is my landlord)

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I would ask her for a date.

A regular hang out is something you'd do with anyone. Asking for a date shows you respect her and that she's special to you.

Compliments are nice and all but I would never agree to date someone just because they complimented me. Unless it's something like "I like that dress you're wearing. The color really brings out your eyes. I would love to take you out to dinner. Would you allow me to take you to Nice Restaurant? I hear they have great seafood/Italian food/Mexican food. Maybe you could wear that dress."

Ask respectfully and see what she says. 

And make it clear it's a date! No "wanna go grab some food?"

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I get the sense that your focus is on the sexual attraction and wanting to have sex with her and liking how she shows off her body and makes sexual comments - so unless you have a more balanced perspective -unless you see her as someone you can get serious with for the long term I would not bother.  My friend married her neighbor - they lived in a high rise and ran into each other on a rainy valentines day evening in the laundry room - but they were both 100% serious minded from the beginning.  Renters -but I know she would have hated having to move, etc but because she was serious about him and he, her, she was willing to take the risk.

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I like her enough for her to be my girlfriend and would take whatever she has to offer (even if it's a short term thing). I am sure she would suit me for a long term relationship; at the same time i want to go step by step. The first thing is really to find out if she is interested in dating me.

I'm also a bit cautious not making it too much of a story in front of her. Imagine she thinks she was alone in her flat and decided to take a tenant and this guy has arrived here and all of a sudden in a little while declares a love story to her ... It would be a bit too much in a short amount of time? I'm thinking dating then take it a step further? 

I don't want to scare her ...

@boltnrun thanks for the dating ideas! 🙂 

I will see how things progress in the next couples of days/week and decide whether i take the shot! Maybe before then things would have matured positively without me having to do any significant effort. 🙂 

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Watch for the perfect time, and while she's being flirty, (lifting her shirt), tell her she has a great body.

But then also wait and wait for an opportunity to kiss her. 

It does sound promising, however it is difficult to judge being as none of us have ever seen her, know what she's actually like or how she actually behaves around you.


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