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Takes few seconds to get hard and few minutes to get done, am I alone?

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Dear Stranger
Thanks to internet I'm asking anyone about this for the first time in life. 

So here's my deal, I like it so much that I can't stop thinking about it and its been like this since 13 and now I'm 39. 

The problem is It takes only a few seconds if not a mere minute to get hardened. There was never a time when we wanted to make love and by the time she gets to see it its not hard & erect. Here is the real problem I finish off at the same pace too, hardly few minutes , hardly a 20 to 30 back and forth. To enjoy it longer I do take breaks and change positions etc but a minute is a minute no matter how you cut it. I do not have a problem of getting aroused several times a day and doing it again and again but the partner gets exhausted; she kind of complains that so much for nothing.  

Luckily or unluckily her drive is no where close to mine so it balances out. But I wanted to ask the other guys/girls out there if you know or heard of this before and if there is a solution to it.

To give you an idea about my drive level I'm randomly walking and feel like I will transform into a turtle ninja and poke a hole in the wall by clinging to it ..if you know what I mean. I'm not a freak of psychopath just the idea is so wired into me. I some times feel like I'm born for love making alone. And I tried it so many times in so many situations even if I'm very calm and not worried about performance at all I'm so aroused so easily that it takes only a few strokes. When I first saw some real footage of others I was shocked that why is the guy not getting aroused after 5 to 10 minutes of Oral stimulation :-o 

Apologies if any of this is inappropriate but the hope is may be there is some solution for it out there. BTW I'm in decent physical shape & love working out. Definitely not a couch potato , your average guy with interesting profession social life and hobbies. 


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