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Unsupportive "friend" after I opened up about suicidal thoughts - Should I respond?

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On 3/27/2021 at 10:22 PM, RuedeRivoli said:

As I said above, I'm not in contact with any family member and my "friends" are not close enough for me to share this type of information. This "friend" and I tend to talk about our lives, so I felt OK sharing this with him. Maybe I was wrong.

I think you were mistaken to have considered this guy a true friend, yes. 

He insulted you and blew you off before. That isn't a friend, and certainly not one to have opened up to on such a serious matter. You evidently considered this to be a much closer friendship than it actually is. 

I don't think it was reasonable to tell him these things and expect a specific reaction, to be clear. He doesn't know you that well and doesn't know how serious you were, and cannot read your mind. Most people don't quite know how to handle such situations so I would hold off on crucifying him for not responding the way you wanted. You have to realize that not everyone would think or react the way you would. 

I do hope you're getting the help you need and starting to feel better. With that, I encourage you to re-evaluate the standards by which you measure a friend. I think this guy fell short, ages ago. 

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