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How does a crossdresser make friends

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I am a married crossdresser. My wife knows that I wear panties and has said in so many words she does not want me to dress further. But I must.

I first dressed fully at home about 2 years ago. She does not know that I have dressed.  I have not ventured out yet, but I am ready to. When I do go out, I am hoping to meet a guy, but I don't know how that will happen. To date, I have been trying to meet local men at chat sites. I have had mild success, meaning there are a few guys interested to meet me, but I have not met any of them yet. After the virus clears, meeting could happen, but I am not confident any of those meetings will ever happen.

If I do not meet any of these guys mentioned above, I am thinking of going out to night clubs and possibly to malls. I do not think I am passable, but I think I am close and could get by unless someone takes a really close look at me. I'm wondering if anyone has an suggestions on other ways to meet men.

An additional issue for me is find a place to dress up. I suppose I could rent a room and dress up and this is the most likely method. Does anyone have an suggestions on alternative places to dress up?


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Have you told your wife that you are looking to date others?

And what does crossdressing have to do with cheating on your wife?  

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