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After she broke up i made some mistakes. 1 week after the break up i text her with the question of she was sure about the choices she made and she said that she was 100%  behind her choice, than she blocked me on facebook and instagram, so i went in no contact again.

after 3 weeks i had weak moment and i texted her for some help for some decoration in my house and if she wanted to pick up here stuff. Of course she didnt replay and i went in no contact for about 9 days. then i texted her around 13:00 hour if i could call her that evening. she left the message on read but blocked me around 19:00.

The relationship ended in the end because she said i was a little bit selfish in somethings i needed to work on that. So the end question is will i ever get a second chance from her?

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It doesn't look like she wants to speak to you or see you so it's best to respect that and move on. 

Do you know why you keep doing it even though she's been very clear with you?

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