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Uh oh, it does not set a good example. This will definitely influence other companies. My company starts the hybrid model from next week. I have arranged it with the manager and I can still work remotely. Until when I don't know. I am planning to start going to the office from next year anyway for my own mental health mainly. It's been 2+ years I have been working remotely and I think it has greatly isolated me. I don't have or make friends/acquaintances easily and my job is my life pretty much. Isolation is not good for many reasons. I would have to move down South again. I am not sure where exactly, probably Brighton as I need to be close enough to the office and by the sea as well.


I came to Budapest for 4 days taking advantage of the long weekend. I have mixed feelings about the city. Still I am having a good time though. I will write my review on Saturday when I am back to Liverpool.

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 😂 🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣  🤣 😂🤣 

 I like him more and more.

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Liverpool weather:17C right now 

Brighton weather:23C right 

Not bad, not bad at all. I have a few things to do in Liverpool but after that I am free. Maybe earlier than next year. And closer to London for the future jobs. And if I like it,  who knows I might buy a house when the housing bubble bursts. Happy days lol

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And just when I thought things can't get any worse. This trip started bad, it went from bad to I managed to have a few good hours to complete disaster. I can't wait to leave.

Budapest didn't like me I guess haha. It's mutual.

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Posted (edited)

I am back to Liverpool. There is no point sharing the details, let's just say I had very high expectations.

It's really nice, don't get me wrong, millions of people love Budapest, it just happens to be one of those I didn't for multiple reasons. Take my opinion with a grain of salt though, millions of people recommend it so I am the odd one here. 

At night, along the river, it's like a fairy tale indeed.  I really liked that they converted the riverboats into restaurants and bars, it's cool. 



Budapest at night.jpg




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Big and long day tomorrow. I asked to be on that meeting in Birmingham where they will decide whether they will proceed with the implementation of my side project in a real life scenario or not.

Long day as I have to go to Birmingham. Fingers crossed. Wish me good luck!

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It turns out the technology I used is "old". An American company has a platform which does almost the same things without any devices plugged into the car. I was very late in the game in other words. In a way it's amazing how advanced technology is. I had no idea such an advanced solution existed.


It was an interesting meeting at the Jaguar's building. I met my colleagues and manager in person for the first time. It's completely different when you get to see people in person. It's a different feeling. Even if you have been talking to a person for years on video calls, still it's not the same. For me I believe in person suits me better as I make a better impression and I am able to socially navigate easier. Plus you get to "debunk" people. 

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17 hours ago, dias said:

I met my colleagues and manager in person for the first time. It's completely different when you get to see people in person. It's a different feeling. Even if you have been talking to a person for years on video calls, still it's not the same. For me I believe in person suits me better as I make a better impression and I am able to socially navigate easier. Plus you get to "debunk" people. 

Back in 2001, a lot of business was done over phone and fax. We had email, but the phone was still big. I remember my coworkers and I each travelling down to Florida in turn, to meet the people we worked with down there. It was very amusing to discover how different people looked from how we imagined them. We were all especially entertained about this one guy--a really nice guy--who had the most amazing voice. I guess we were expecting him to look like George Clooney. But he looked more like Martin Short. 

Of course, there was no social media back then. So none of these people were branding themselves or projecting idealized versions of themselves and their lives on a public platform. So, there was nothing to 'debunk.' But it was still very interesting to meet them in person.

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We had to take a personality test at work so that the managers can manage us better lol. It was an one hour test, I picked random answers for 30% of the questions. It was like every other personality test online, no difference. I asked my manager not do it because I think these tests are for fun only. It's like reading tarot cards, you provide a very generic positive(mainly) description that most people fit in. It's not rocket science and it's not something it could help you manage anyone for that matter. I told my manager I don't take these tests seriously and he should trust his judgment based on our interactions so far. 

20+ pages of generic descriptions. I can't even finish reading it. I have a call with someone from the HR to discuss(?) about the results. What is there to discuss about? Well, more coffee time for me I guess. They could have got the same results using a random free personality test online, no need to pay companies to do this. It's not very accurate  but I picked random answers in many questions so it makes sense. 










The origins of personality theory can be traced back to the fifth century BC, when Hippocrates identified four distinct energies exhibited by different people. The Insights System is built around the model of personality first identified by the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. This model was published in his 1921 work “Psychological Types” and developed in subsequent writings.

Jung’s work on personality and preferences has since been adopted as the seminal work in understanding personality and has been the subject of study for thousands of researchers to the present day.


Using Jung's typology, this Insights Discovery profile offers a framework for self-understanding and development. Research suggests that a good understanding of self, both strengths and weaknesses, enables individuals to develop effective strategies for interaction and can help them to better respond to the demands of their environment.


Generated from several hundred thousand permutations of statements, this profile is unique. It reports statements which your Evaluator responses indicate may apply to you. Modify or delete any statement which does not apply, but only after checking with colleagues or friends to identify whether the statement may be a “blind spot” for you.


Use this profile pro-actively. That is, identify the key areas in which you can develop and take action. Share the important aspects with friends and colleagues. Ask for feedback from them on areas which seem particularly relevant for you and develop an action plan for growth personally and interpersonally.




These statements provide a broad understanding of Apostolos's work style. Use this section to gain a better understanding of his approaches to his activities, relationships and decisions.

Personal Style

Apostolos is a good organiser and seeks to control the world around him with structure and discipline. He is seen as a powerful leader as he is able to think on his feet. To manage his tensions, he needs to be constantly in control and get things done without wasting time.

Apostolos is a highly practical person whose agile mind and skills combine well to generate fast results. He exhibits high standards of performance and he will not necessarily accept critical observations of his work. Apostolos is optimistic and positive, living mainly in the here and now.

He aims to live by his rules and believes that everyone else should do too! He is good at organising and bringing ideas into the plan. Apostolos's skill at taking a very broad, long-range view of things contributes to his reputation as something of a visionary. Articulate and thinking, he tends to be matter-of-fact and practical. He likes a fast pace and is adept at using functional devices and procedures. Until untried ideas and theories have been tested and personally experienced, he will tend not to trust them.

Enjoying theoretical, complex and global concepts, Apostolos is a strategic thinker who can clearly see the benefits and flaws of most situations. Apostolos is hardworking, righteous, fiercely independent and convinced that moral good must win above all else. He is convinced that a successful life needs to be tough and that satisfaction must be earned and re-earned. He should learn to delegate more to improve the completion of his tasks and should have assistance in ensuring that follow up is maintained. He relates to, remembers and builds on positive experiences. Independent, logical and determined, he may work well with computers if this involves research or analysis.

He attends to and likes to remember significant events and important detail. Others need to be sure of their facts. He is good at getting things done in an assertive way. He likes to have control of most situations and can speak out clearly and forcibly when he sees the need to do so.

Apostolos likes to make things happen and drive everything around him. Apostolos is the conceptual problem solver, intensely intellectual and logical, exhibiting flashes of creative brilliance.

He can be a great “designer” of systems, which he prefers to leave to others to build. Apostolos is an adaptable realist, relying on what he sees, hears and knows for himself. He has a creative mind which can be used to bring forward thinking and originality to processes and projects. As he lives by a rather strict set of rules he may expect others to do so as well. Apostolos believes in doing everything the right way and his preoccupation with perfection makes him sensitive to errors or unfairness.

Interacting with Others

Apostolos needs minimal supervision and will work hard in a system that gives him independence. He may become evasive or reactive if overwhelmed by the constraints and demands of others. He might confess to being puzzled by others' perception of him as rigid and



intractable. This perception may result from his tendency to express his independent views rather directly. When he turns his highly honed critical appraisal skills on the people around him, honesty may be translated into unintended hurtfulness. He usually remains sceptical, decisive and determined in the face of difficult opposition. Most people have limited understanding of his complex, adaptable and creative mind.

Although Apostolos may protest about the pressure of attending family events, it would seldom occur to him not to be present, as these occasions are important to him. He has a tight group of close companions to whom he enjoys relating thoughts and ideas. He does not take criticism personally, and is often surprised to discover that others may be hurt or offended by the constructive criticism he can offer. He is impatient with people who read between the lines and who focus on the unseen and the unverified. If his work constantly requires him to be warm and outgoing with others, he finds this draining after a while and may need to take some private time out before regrouping.

Being respected by his peers is of greater importance to Apostolos than being liked. He may appear not to be overly concerned with the needs of others. Both a fluent talker and an excellent listener, Apostolos is optimistic about his ability to influence people towards his viewpoint. He is not a “party animal” and often prefers his own company. He may have an aversion to having his time and energy constantly put at the disposal of others.

Decision Making

Apostolos is able to readily grasp any underlying principles and make decisions based on logic, rather than on how people feel. His effectiveness depends on how much personal fulfilment he receives from the current task. Apostolos can usually get to the heart of any situation and implement an effective solution. He seeks realistic and satisfying solutions to challenges. He understands the need for unbiased, critical judgement.

Using past experiences to help him solve current problems and get things done is one of his strong points. He values truth above all else and is primarily convinced by logical reasoning. He makes decisions after a great deal of thought and he may not be dissuaded by emotional or muddled arguments. Apostolos is willing to admit the truth about people or things that are important to him, is very alert to problems, and seeks to find solutions himself. He sees himself as realistic, practical and matter-of-fact, although others may not always see the practicality of some of his decisions.

Apostolos tends to be seen as strong, analytical and impersonal. Good at organising, decisive, quick, logical and strong in reasoning power, he values truth in the form of fact, formula, method and judgement. Politically aware, Apostolos is normally comfortable with his decisions even in the face of possible conflict with others in more senior positions. In practising active and

long-range thinking and planning, he is logical, analytical, objectively critical and prefers to be convinced by reason. Equally comfortable thinking things through or talking them out, Apostolos balances these two processes well. Apostolos is self-reliant and is not frightened to take “the path of maximum resistance” in his efforts to produce the best results.



Personal Notes



Key Strengths & Weaknesses


This section identifies the key strengths which Apostolos brings to the organisation. Apostolos has abilities, skills and attributes in other areas, but the statements below are likely to be some of the fundamental gifts he has to offer.

Apostolos's key strengths:

●                A strong work ethic.

●                Rapid organisational skills.

●                Practical ability in implementing tasks.

●                Analytical and systematic.

●                Sensible and matter of fact.

●                Does not accept second best.

●                Ingenious thinker with a great ability in long range planning.

●                Realistic, adaptable and pragmatic problem solver.

●                Diplomatic when the situation calls for it.

●                Pragmatic and tough.



Personal Notes



Key Strengths & Weaknesses

Possible Weaknesses

Jung said “wisdom accepts that all things have two sides”. It has also been said that a weakness is simply an overused strength. Apostolos's responses to the Evaluator have suggested these areas as possible weaknesses.

Apostolos's possible weaknesses:

●                Takes on too much responsibility.

●                Tends to avoid social interaction.

●                All work and no play.

●                Will lose interest quickly if the challenge diminishes.

●                Doesn't suffer “fools” gladly.

●                Can get bogged down with tradition and the status quo.

●                Sometimes unaware of the impact of his actions on others.

●                Becomes defensive or dictatorial if challenged.

●                Could appear too unemotional or uninvolved.

●                Avoids showing his true feelings.



Personal Notes



Value to the Team

Each person brings a unique set of gifts, attributes and expectations to the environment in which they operate. Add to this list any other experiences, skills or other attributes which Apostolos brings, and make the most important items on the list available to other team members.

As a team member, Apostolos:

●                Becomes a pillar of strength for other colleagues.

●                Has a “can do” attitude.

●                Makes the best uses of available resources.

●                Brings a critical eye to improve team performance.

●                Can make action plans to reduce risk.

●                May lose the battle, but rarely concedes defeat.

●                Directs the team's efforts towards important issues.

●                Can negotiate practical solutions.

●                Brings order and structure through his organisational qualities.

●                Brings direction and realism to every project.



Personal Notes




Effective Communications

Communication can only be effective if it is received and understood by the recipient. For each person certain communication strategies are more effective than others. This section identifies some of the key strategies which will lead to effective communication with Apostolos. Identify the most important statements and make them available to colleagues.

Strategies for communicating with Apostolos:

●                Be receptive and open minded.

●                Ask for his advice.

●                Let him know he is in control.

●                Ask what he thinks, not how he feels.

●                Keep personal comments to yourself.

●                Leave personalities out of the discussion.

●                Respond positively to his thoughts.

●                Seek his opinions and ideas before imposing yours.

●                Focus on the task at hand.

●                Be practical and logical.

●                Be prepared to get a quick decision.

●                Be thorough, organised and on time.



Personal Notes




Barriers to Effective Communication

Certain strategies will be less effective when communicating with Apostolos. Some of the things to be avoided are listed below. This information can be used to develop powerful, effective and mutually acceptable communication strategies.

When communicating with Apostolos, DO NOT:

●                Dismiss his thoughts or ideas as negative.

●                Be inefficient or irrational.

●                Procrastinate, prevaricate or interrupt him.

●                Leap between topics in an unstructured way.

●                Appear timid or ineffective.

●                Be immature, childish or silly.

●                Try to control the conversation.

●                Be too informal or waste time on social trivia.

●                Underestimate his abilities to decide for himself.

●                Impose your opinion against his better judgement.

●                Show disagreement with or disrespect for his principles.

●                Expect an immediate positive reaction.



Personal Notes



Possible Blind Spots

Our perceptions of self may be different to the perceptions others have of us. We project who we are onto the outside world through our “persona” and are not always aware of the effect our less conscious behaviours have on others. These less conscious behaviours are termed “Blind Spots”. Highlight the important statements in this section of which you are unaware and test them for validity by asking for feedback from friends or colleagues.

Apostolos's possible Blind Spots:


Apostolos may unconsciously seek material dominance, social standing and status. As he doesn't readily look for different ways of doing things, he can appear inflexible or indifferent to others' views. He needs to work toward becoming more articulate and action-oriented.

He should learn to be more considerate by thinking through how his actions will affect others. He is a private person who keeps an emotional distance from others and a physical distance when communicating. When under extreme pressure, Apostolos may choose to withdraw, but only to prepare for the next battle within his own fortress. Very much a “head” person, he has little real appreciation of just how much some of his decisions may offend some people. Tending to shy away from making quick decisions, he has little understanding of the difficulties this preference creates for fast-paced people.

Adopting a low profile is not always in his best interests. Speaking first rather than waiting to respond can help to balance the rather shy appearance he may project at times. Particularly dependable if things are going his way, he will resent being told what to do or how to do things better. A potential failing for him may be that he may not gain sufficient intimate experience of the world. He can appear arrogant and suddenly nit-picking if his performance is not recognised by a superior he values. He sometimes has difficulty in absorbing other peoples' points of view.



Personal Notes



Opposite Type

The description in this section is based on Apostolos's opposite type on the Insights Wheel. Often, we have most difficulty understanding and interacting with those whose preferences are different to our own. Recognising these characteristics can help in developing strategies for personal growth and enhanced interpersonal effectiveness.

Recognising your Opposite Type:


Apostolos's opposite Insights type is the Helper, Jung’s “Feeling” type.


Helpers are warm, understanding and sociable individuals who strive for positive relationships with people both at work and home. They are usually sensitive to others and work well in a team situation. However, Apostolos may observe that the Helper takes criticism personally and finds it difficult to become authoritative or objective with others when necessary. Helpers sometimes have difficulty in making key decisions without consultation.


Apostolos will notice that people are far more important to the Helper than the accomplishment of tasks. The Helper’s nature tends to be personable, which may mean that Apostolos sees them as fickle or soft. Helpers can be stressed in fast moving, impersonal situations which change without warning. Helpers display their emotions and usually have limitless patience for those who are dependent on them. They will usually ignore judgements that rely heavily on logical analysis - often the judgement preferred by Apostolos.


Helpers will tend to avoid telling someone an unpleasant truth or tell it in an affirmative way. Helpers are accommodating and occasionally self-effacing and are always content to support others without expecting much in return. Apostolos may see the Helper idealising others and adopting a romantic version of people and their potential.



Personal Notes



Opposite Type

Communication with Apostolos's Opposite Type

Written specifically for Apostolos, this section suggests some strategies he could use for effective interaction with someone who is his opposite type on the Insights Wheel.

Apostolos Athanasiou: How you can meet the needs of your Opposite Type:

●                Share in and promote his ideas and visions.

●                Mirror his normally calm and even-tempered nature.

●                Maintain a consistent, personal relationship with him.

●                Acknowledge his flashes of creative brilliance.

●                Allow time for him to think of the consequences.

●                Help him feel at ease.

Apostolos Athanasiou: When dealing with your opposite type DO NOT:

●                Assume you will complete all of your agenda.

●                Patronise or be paternalistic.

●                Be brusque, overbearing or harness him to unrealistic deadlines.

●                Become too impersonal.

●                Make critical comparisons in relation to other staff.

●                Force him to take a positive stance on an issue without time for thought.



Personal Notes



Suggestions for Development

Insights Discovery does not offer direct measures of skill, intelligence, education or training. However, listed below are some suggestions for Apostolos's development. Identify the most important areas which have not yet been addressed. These can then be incorporated into a personal development plan.

Apostolos may benefit from:

●                Reflecting on just how considerate some others think he is.

●                Making compromises to maintain good relations.

●                Meeting more people at least half way.

●                Accepting that perfection can be a rather obstructive standard to constantly aspire to.

●                Being more prepared to acknowledge his mistake.

●                Trying to hear and appreciate others' perspectives.

●                Ensuring his keen desire to criticise is positive and not negative.

●                Looking for the good in everything.

●                Remembering that arguing does not stimulate everyone.

●                Gently asking some quieter people to express their point of view.



Personal Notes




Creating the Ideal Environment

People are generally most effective when provided with an environment which suits their preferences and style. It can be uncomfortable to work in an environment which does not. This section should be used to ensure a close match between Apostolos's ideal environment and his current one and to identify any possible frustrations.

Apostolos's Ideal Environment is one in which:

●                Few distractions exist to take attention away from the task.

●                He is able to constantly develop and extend his skills.

●                His desire for perfection is valued by others.

●                Ideas can be practically applied.

●                Colleagues share his drive for results.

●                Clear rules and procedures exist.

●                His highly developed analytical skills are fully utilised.

●                There is space for graphs, charts and other sources of reference.

●                Decisions can be made quickly.

●                Structure and systematic processes are prevalent.



Personal Notes




Managing Apostolos

This section identifies some of the most important strategies in managing Apostolos. Some of these needs can be met by Apostolos himself and some may be met by his colleagues or management. Go through this list to identify the most important current needs, and use it to build a personal management plan.

Apostolos needs:

●                Only the minimum of social chit-chat around him.

●                Help to look for the “silver lining”.

●                An able, fast-paced backup team.

●                Help to tolerate colleagues less gifted than himself.

●                Someone to issue flak jackets to all members of his team.

●                Established support systems and procedures.

●                To control the pace and deadlines.

●                To be fully informed.

●                A fast-paced environment where he can achieve results.

●                Options and alternatives before having to make decisions.



Personal Notes




Motivating Apostolos

It has often been said that it is not possible to motivate anyone - only to provide the environment in which they will motivate themselves. Here are some suggestions which can help to provide motivation for Apostolos. With his agreement, build the most important ones into his Performance Management System and Key Result Areas for maximum motivation.

Apostolos is motivated by:

●                Merit based remuneration - reward through success.

●                Suitable targets that he knows are achievable.

●                Utilising his original thinking to solve complex problems.

●                Critical, analytical and logical dialogue.

●                Setting stretching goals for himself and others to achieve.

●                A free reign for his enormous drive to achieve results.

●                Acquiring knowledge and improving his abilities.

●                Working towards targets, goals and objectives.

●                Regular statistical feedback allowing fast analysis.

●                Being able to take control of situations.



Personal Notes



Management Style

There are many different approaches to management, most of which have different situational applications. This section identifies Apostolos's natural management approach and offers clues to his management style, highlighting both gifts and possible hindrances that can be further explored.

In managing others, Apostolos may tend to:

●                Prefer organising ideas and information rather than people.

●                Set rigid guidelines for completion of tasks.

●                Appear to be less understanding of his colleagues' feelings.

●                Base decisions on facts and logic.

●                Over regulate processes.

●                Insist upon attention to detail.

●                Show his impatience with people who prefer to work at a more consistent or slower pace.

●                Delegate administration and concentrate on outcomes.

●                Drive for results at all costs.

●                Appear to project the blame onto others when things go wrong.



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2 hours ago, dias said:

I think it's not even 60% accurate now that I am reading it more thoroughly. These tests are based on so many assumptions....



Wow, that’s a lot of info and do this and do not that!


It‘s funny you mention this because I have just been looking into personality tests and have taken a few casually! I think they are very generic and give a loose guide. No one is black and white and fits into a perfect cookie cutter type of a suggestion or say, 16 different personality types and that is that.


A good base line maybe but to be taken with a pinch of salt!


Ever taken the free Myers Briggs personality test?



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Posted (edited)
20 minutes ago, mylolita said:

Wow, that’s a lot of info and do this and do not that!

It's crap lol

20 minutes ago, mylolita said:

It‘s funny you mention this because I have just been looking into personality tests and have taken a few casually! I think they are very generic and give a loose guide. No one is black and white and fits into a perfect cookie cutter type of a suggestion or say, 16 different personality types and that is that.

I agree. We all have a combination of so many personality traits that a test can't really take into account. There are too many parameters in the equation, even if you answer millions of questions there are still many gaps....Let alone the fact we act/react based on external circumstances and emotions which makes things way more complicated.

Ok I get it's just a generic picture. Is it something people should take seriously? In my opinion no. It's ok for fun. Certainly it does not help you manage people. 

20 minutes ago, mylolita said:

Ever taken the free Myers Briggs personality test?

I've tried plenty I found on the internet. More or less I get the same results. 

What is your personality type? (although I think I could give you a more accurate picture of your personality based on your posts here than a silly test of standardized questions with no depth). 


Edited by dias
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You are right Dias!


Me and @Jibraltahave been discussing this! (Hope ya don‘t mind me dropping you into this Jibs!)


A guide, probably nothing more.


For the Myers Briggs I always get ENFP.


What does it say, what does it say! Impulsive dreamers, romantic creatives, moody, easily stressed, wild extroverts that need some introverted time. Overly sensitive! 

Just searched the first thing:


“The ENFP personality type is nicknamed The Optimist and belongs to the NF Empath temperament. The Optimist can be categorized as enthusiastic, expressive and charismatic leaders. They are spontaneous, wild and possess a zest for life. One might even say that they are bold dreamers, unconstrained by reality. ENFPs are driven by their values and strive to champion the causes they believe in, through their resourceful, visionary and creative nature.

The Optimist directs their energy outward, which makes them social, talkative and assertive. ENFPs love people and are gregarious. Because of their extreme extroversion, they are energized by social interaction and dislike being alone. The Intuitive nature of ENFPs makes their thought process intriguingly deep, future-oriented and allows them to see endless possibilities. The abundance of ENFP imagination and idealism means that it’s never boring in their heads – often, they are filled with abstract and complex thoughts. ENFPs are Feelers that make decisions with their heart. They are warm, sensitive and can easily empathize with others because of their deeply caring nature. The Optimist is adaptable, flexible and easygoing. They live with a carefree attitude and like to keep their options open.”


























(Oh go on, tell me MORE! HA!)




Fun, enthusiastic and optimistic

Friendly and approachable

Deeply imaginative

Can read others’ motives and feelings

Excellent communication skills

Driven to meet others’ needs




Easily distracted

Has trouble with conflict and confrontation

Independant to a fault

Tendency to overthink


Easily stressed out




I have way more weaknesses than that! They never put doughnuts on there now did they!!! 






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Do you think any parts of yours are accurate? 

I feel like mine sounds pretty much like me minus the intricacies everyone has of course. Few things I don’t relate as much too. I can be quite pessimistic sometimes but I turn it all around in the end ho ho ho!


Am I a charismatic extroverted messed up cray cray whirlwind? Why surely 🤣 Ever met an introverted stripper?!

Are you gonna be my friend even though I annoy you with my full on ways? OF COURSE! 🥹 


Ever seen the movie ‘The Mask’ with Jim Carey? That catch phase? “Sommmmmmmebody sssssssssstop me!” Rings hauntingly true 🤣



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12 hours ago, mylolita said:

Me and @Jibraltahave been discussing this! (Hope ya don‘t mind me dropping you into this Jibs!)

Yeah, we were saying they're like horoscopes. Some things seem accurate, but they're worded in such a way that anyone reading them would probably feel that way. 

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3 hours ago, Jibralta said:

Yeah, we were saying they're like horoscopes. Some things seem accurate, but they're worded in such a way that anyone reading them would probably feel that way. 

But I like, totally relate to mine. Mine is, totally me 🥹 Apart from the spontaneous part. Sometimes I can be madly spontaneous but most of the time, no, not a spontaneous person. Spontaneous in thought, most definitely! In doing things and just saying hey let’s do this? I guess actually; I never plan ANYTHING so damn that’s actually right as well. HA!


I have read other ones and don’t relate. Everyone has a little piece of something else don’t they, it be true!



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The call was with a "qualified" therapist working in HR. I made the mistake to tell him my profile was 65% accurate and now he booked another call because it has to be at least 90% accurate. Oh boy, what a waste of time. I have to listen to his nonsense now for another hour. Every time I tell the truth about something it backfires lol. 

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I always feel meh before I go to the acting class but I always enjoy it. I need to push myself to make it as a regular habit like the gym and go without thinking.

Beautiful days these days. Down south is even better. If Liverpool had this weather for 3 months it would be the ideal place.

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Now this is a job I would love to have https://hunterbond.com/jobs/3361/KDB-Engineer

250K pounds not bad not bad. Who the heck gets these jobs....Probably people from Oxford, MIT etc

Ain't going under 80K for my next job when there are jobs with 250K. 

Hedge funds always pay a lot more. Ok that's the next target. Hedge funds.

https://hunterbond.com/jobs/3388/Senior-Software-Engineer  300K pounds

Damn, I didn't know we had those kind of jobs in the UK. And I thought I would have reached the top of the ladder if I made 100K. There is more potential in the UK than I thought. I need to re-evaluate my goals. 

I think for 300K pounds I would stop thinking about running my own business. 

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Just spent 7K to the dentist for cosmetic changes. That's how much it costs a Hollywood smile. I saw an ad from the best local dentistry in Liverpool a few weeks ago and thought why not. Not that I had bad teeth or anything but now that I had the money and since I have no house or car or investments I thought why not.

I am heading to Newbury this afternoon, we have a meeting in the office tomorrow and on Friday I am flying to Athens from Manchester. I can't count how many cross country trips I have done in the UK lol. 

I am starting to get frustrated with work, bad decisions from above are starting to affect me. I am only staying because I get along with my manager very well and we are on the same page. Chris, our data scientist left last week. I believe he had enough. As my manager said, they let the good ones go and they keep the average ones and then they  complain they can't find good engineers. I believe there are two main things you need to do as a company to keep good employees: 1) the job has to be interesting 2) competitive salary. I am not surprised Chris left, when you make a data scientist with a master's degree in math to copy paste things and troubleshoot nonsense all day you can't expect he would stay. 

I am not frustrated that much yet but it's a shame they move things to the wrong direction. Jake made some bad decisions and he keeps insisting on those. I think in the end it will bite him in the butt when the good employees leave and everything would be in shambles. Well, we all pay for our mistakes at some point. 


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I am thinking about getting involved in politics. I always thought I would make money first and then get involved in politics but I don't see the first thing happening any time soon. Unfortunately we don't live forever and I have found it is better not to wait to do things you want based on how you would like things to happen.

I am not saying right now but next year when I get a new job and settle down somewhere more permanently* then I will get involved in local politics. I really don't know how you start getting involved in politics but I will find a way. 

I believe acting classes would be something I would continue doing as a hobby forever. I really need to make it a habit. It will take effort at first for sure.

And I am thinking about replacing running with swimming. Let's see how that goes.

* I  will never settle down in the traditional sense. I mean I wouldn't have to relocate again once I get a very good paying job. With the exception of hedge funds a good salary for Senior data engineers would be between 80-100K. I would be satisfied with everything above 90K I think.  Not many jobs that pay a lot more than this so it's kind of pointless chasing it. Basically if you want more than this you need your own successful company.

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Swimming is my favorite physical activity in the whole world lol. It's great too because I can do it even when injured, as I age, and as my physical condition changes. Lifelong sport! I used to run. Cross Country, mostly, longer distances. Now I mostly just hike and do small jaunts. My FIL is 75 and still runs every other day! This is a guy who did marathons until his 70s though every year. I can't keep up with the man! He's awesome. A great example of healthy living. 

And if you do get into local politics, that's great, dive in! Why not?! Local is where the biggest impact can be made. 

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