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I'm kinda need advice on what to do in relationship

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I'm a over insecure large woman who has always been in long term relationships but I've recently been seeing this guy who I didn't know was so broke financially and emotionally I met him through a mutual friend of ours I'm 47f he is 61m we started out slow but it seemed to go from zero to sixty in a few days. At first I didn't mind paying for some stuff like gas money and buying a pizza here or there but now he acts like he expects me to run to help him. He has 2 other cars besides his Van that he is living in right now but I understand that with the covid-19 lockdown and our town/area being mostly tourst trade work in Las Vegas Nevada area it's hard to make ends meet. He keeps saying that he is going to sell one of the other cars and then the other one and just keep his Van but everyday their is a reason for why he didn't get it done yet. We have only had oral on my part I gave he just used his hands and a toy on me. The other night I was literally so exhausted that I could not stay awake and I don't remember it but he said that I bit him and I owe him a apology for it. My question is do I really need to give him a apology I don't think I can do it with a straight face 😒🙄 I'm way too sarcastic for my own good! I can see it now 😇 "I'm so very sorry that you put your weenie in my  mouth when I was so tired I couldn't even see. I must have thought 💭 it was something 🍭 else!!"😒🙄😇 

I also have had him say that people are talking about us being quote"" together"" I don't know why I should care what others think but it seemed to bother him. What do I do to be nice but off the hook.?? 

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12 minutes ago, RoseFireLite said:

 😇 "I'm so very sorry that you put your weenie in my  mouth when I was so tired I couldn't even see. I must have thought 💭 it was something 🍭 else!!"😒🙄😇 

Google "homeless Joe".

If he lives in a vehicle and you don't know each other well, you need to get to a clinic and get tested for STDs.

You can get STDs from oral, as well as pubic lice, etc.

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What else do you know about him? Really if you are both arguing over accidentally biting each other in the heat of the moment, there are probably other bigger issues. Mental health? Use of drugs? At the very least, please take care of yourself. I agree about being wary about STDs (for any scenario) but even moreso if you don't know this person very well. 

I know you said you feel insecure because you are overweight or "large". Please don't feel any fear about walking away from this. You don't have to apologize if it feels wrong to you. 

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19 minutes ago, RoseFireLite said:

Thank You all for the input I should know better but I've been lonely and I let my feelings of being a friend to the other person who introduced us cloud my eyes 👀

Take care of your health. There's only one of you. Yes, I know it's cliche but it's the truth. So take care and don't let this guy's ways get the better of you.

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