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So my first ex boyfriend and i where trying it out again, sort of. We have hurt each other a lot actually but somehow we always find a way to get close again. For example i broke up with my second boyfriend during pandemic and my first ex called the same day i broke up with the 2 out of the bloom just to see how i was doing. Of course after i started a new relationship my first ex boyfriend felt devasted and he went through a lot, had to start therapy and was sort of depressed, it was a lot for him becuase he never thoght i will move on. Now things have changed, i treated him pretty bad since the call after my breakup, i wanted him to be there but i wasnt there for him, and i took advantage of him being there. 


Now he has a new gf, pretty fast, last time i saw him was on february 11 and i heard he asked the other girl to be his gf like on the 26th. On february 15 he told me not to call nor text anymore, he needed space, he was tired of me mistreating him and fighting all the time. Now i am devasted, lost my best friend. Never imagine him getting together with someone else since he was always so present to me, telling me how much he wanted to marry me and how much he wanted a life with me, for us to be back together. 


After he told me not to call or text, to give him space, ( also i apologized asked for a chance for me to change and actually investing in our relationship) i did exacly that gave him his pace and now i have learned of his new gf which is bigger than him and ive never heard about her it was like out of the bloom as well. I broke up the silence and asked him point blank, are you happy? he spend a couple of minutes to answer me as if not lnowing what to say, and his answer was im in peace thanks god which is the most important ( He told me i was toxic, didnt gave him peace ), i told him i was glad and that i was hurting because i knew how much fault i had in the situation but that i will try may best to be happy for him and let him go.


I know we are young, we still are in our 20's  but i just love him so muchh, he has always been there for me and i always think about him even when i was with the other guy. I just wantt to know what you think of this, if he will come back, if he actually got tired of me , or if getting together with this girl is a way to forget or punishme     



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Leave him alone like he asked you to. It is the price of ill treating people. Learn from your mistake and treat people better. He has a new girlfriend which means you honour that he is taken and leave him alone. 

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HE told you that you are toxic to him.  He's tired of the games/ being hurt.

He's moved on now & has every right to.

Do NOT bother him anymore.  Which means no messaging, no calls, nothing.

You need to change your way of thinking.... He's seeing someone else now, for HIM.  That's it.

Now YOU need to work on accepting this... and heal/move on.

Do not expect any more from him.  Be respectful and leave it be.

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How long did you expect him to stick around pining over you?  Forever?

You only talk about what he did for you and how you want him to be there for you.  But what did you do for him other than reject him multiple times?

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