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1 hour ago, reinventmyself said:

But for me, I need to carry on as an individual until we have concrete plans otherwise.  I put my life on hold for the exact reasons you describe and 10 years of my life passed me buy.

Agree, your angst and resentment will only grow if you make him the rate-limiting factor in your plans. Despite your talk, there is nothing that holds you back from seeing your own financial planner, accountant, etc.

If/when this marriage ever happens you'll still be better off if you don't wait for him to make all your financial and real-estate decisions for you. You're setting yourself up for a white knuckle ride.

Keep in mind, depending on your jurisdiction, his house will never belong to you. That means even if you move in, even if you marry, if something happens to him, his heirs can boot you out.

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Have him spend the night at your place.  If he insists on his, just say, there is no place for my stuff.  And if he says, "I can give you a drawer," respond with, "Thanks, but I need a place to hang m

Is he? what I mean by that is,  if it's true that he is absolutely wonderful and welcoming, why can't you talk to him? That's what you should be asking yourself.... About his communication issues

I don't think think it's a drawer or physical space that you has you wondering, but maybe where you fit in to his world emotionally.  In a later response you said you weren't good at waiting to s

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