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How do I express myself sexually when we are both under 18?

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Hey, I have one quick question:
I found the girl I love online, and we discussed this months ago. But then I read it is illegal to sext or do anything like that where I live for people under 18. I am almost 16, and she is 16. 
How to I express myself sexually to her? We both agreed that "making out" and such was fine.
I just don't want either of us to be charged with anything.

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7 hours ago, coder2325 said:

 I read it is illegal to sext or do anything like that where I live for people under 18. I am almost 16, and she is 16. 
How to I express myself sexually to her? 

You don't. You talk about everyday things.

Anything you do online can be tracked and recorded and forwarded.

Keep in mind you may be "talking to" someone from the vice squad.


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So if you only know this girl online, have you ever actually met or video called? Are you completely sure it's a girl and you've got proof of it? You need to be very careful with people online because some may be a catfish or a paedophile. When I was fourteen a paedophile was actually messaging me online.

That aside, I'm not giving you advice either way if to discuss anything sexual or not, I guess that's up to you. I think first you need to really check the age of sexual consent laws in your city. In my state in Australia the age of sexual consent is actually sixteen. If a person is under 16, I believe it's not legally punished if they engage in sexual behaviours with someone within two years younger or two years older.  Your country and state may have other laws though. In any case, it's probably best to at least meet this girl in real life before getting sexual.

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It's perfectly normal to be curious about sex at your age with raging hormones, that isn't what is against the law. The law is in place to protect those from getting exploited. Many young people like yourself, as a result of this exploitation, have committed suicide. It's very detrimental for young people because they don't see the consequences for their actions. Sharing images and video of minors falls under child pornography. Basically this is their quick fix to an ever growing problem. Those images also can be used for blackmailing. Criminals on the other side of the world (Russia, Africa) love this stuff, because they know they are unreachable, can avoid being arrested. So you really have to be very careful when using social media. The same rule applies, don't talk to strangers, especially online, they may not be who you thing they are. Police set up stings all the time too, pretending to being a minor, hoping to snag a predator.

You will not be arrested for sexually desiring a girl of the same age as you. It's the use of the technology to express it is unlawful. Pick up the phone and talk, or talk in person. Those are your only options. But remember parents are monitoring things, they are not stupid. I agree with the others, meet in person to make sure this girl is legit.

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You don't. 

Are you trying to ruin both of your lives/future? You do realize there are laws and they WILL charge someone distributing photos (even if they're of yourself). These are serious crimes that can ruin your reputation and life. You could end up being a sex offender for the rest of your life over this. You could permanently damage your reputation and you're risking STDs and teen pregnancy. 

If you don't know how to express yourself it's probably a good indicator that you're TOO YOUNG. 

You need to worry about your future and COLLEGE instead of worrying about sex. I don't know any level-headed adult that would be willing to give you advice on seducing your underage girlfriend. That's not ganna happen. 

When youre older and emotionally mature enough you will naturally learn everything you need to know but for right now, you should enjoy your innocence and the innocence of having a pure (abstinent) first love. You will have the rest of your life to do adult things but right now you should enjoy your youth. 

ANY sexual stuff will complicate you guys relationship and that goes for sexting too. Once you cross that bridge your feelings will intensify and it will be more emotionally painful for you in the long run, people your age should not have relationships like this. 



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