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Help me im confused!!!!

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so i started befriend a guy and he confess to me. you see i had a little crush on him but i dont want to be in a relationship because i value my freedom. i believe that relationship itself is a shackle for me and im not ready. later we text each other and i realised that he want a serious relationship and i dont want that. so i stop texting him throught whatssapp ( i even stop using my phone) so today i open my phone and i saw tons of messages from him. im so confuse and scare that i close the app. then he start to message me. i feel so guilty, confuse, scare and i dont know all these mixed emotion.


look i know im terrible because ive been leading him on but i didnt even realised im leading him on. and honestly the prospect of relationship itself is scary. i just want a convenient flirty friendship. i asked a close friend of mine and even show her our text..so my friend is quite experience and she said this guy has a tendecy to get possesive.


help me!!!

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You tell him once that you are sorry you gave him the wrong impression. You think he’s rad (only if you think he’s rad) but you’re not interested in him romantically and until his crush feelings fade you’re going to block his number and go no contact. Wish him well if you do, then block, and if he reaches you through another medium under no circumstances should you reply. The only way you can ween him off of you is by going completely silent. Sucks, but that’s how it is. He’s shown you with the mountain of texts that he’s too anxious and invested in a certain outcome to wait for reciprocity from you. 

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Just leave him alone and don't respond. Block him if he bothers you. 

Your conscience is probably telling you not to mess around with people's minds so listen to it. Good for you if you want to remain single. That's a personal choice. 

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