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Dealing with depression and trying to overcome personal insecurities

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I been recently diagnosed with depression and have taken steps to deal with it. One of the obstacles I’m trying to overcome is personal insecurities mostly on the financial spectrum. I find myself comparing myself to “the rich gays” and starting to doubt my self worth 

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A lot of us are neither rich nor gay so you're going to have to fill us in here. Did you lose a job recently or struggling with yourself or identity? 

Feeling insecure is tough and can come from lots of things including loss of financial security. Are you seeing a doctor regularly or are being treated for your depression?

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Consider learning about people who you can respect and admire for their resilience despite a job or business loss or lower income.

Find the capabilities and perspective that you can adopt from them.

I enjoyed a good income at the time I was displaced by a hurricane. I moved next to people who were not compensated for the flood that ruined their home--they just walked away.

I picked up on the energy these people enjoyed simply from removing that stress from their lives.

I opted to view my own life and circumstances through that lens instead of feeling ripped off.

You get to decide. Choose wisely.

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If it bothers you this much, then do something about it.  Become affluent so you'll be envied instead of you envying others above you.  This is what I did.

My late wife beater father was always heavily in debt, self employed, we lived a hand-to-mouth existence, never had health insurance, prayed no one got sick or needed a dentist. 

I envied my affluent friends and dreaded whenever they came to my house.  I wanted to live in their gorgeous homes in the best neighborhoods.  I so wanted their life!

My childhood home was in such shambles that I was so embarrassed to let my then boyfriend (now husband) even step foot into my house to introduce him to my widowed mother and younger siblings.  

I felt downright ashamed.

Fast forward many years later:  I worked very hard for many years, currently reside in a house in the suburbs in an affluent community, have two great sons and have a "come on over" house.  I feel very blessed and lucky.  I no longer envy others anymore because I had arrived as can you if you work hard to attain the dream.  We finally fit in.

Successful people are not in their pity pot moods.  They do something about it.  They take action,  have a plan,  have a clear cut vision, they're very serious, work hard, succeed and achieve affluence by the sweat of their brow.  No pain, no gain.


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