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I'm in love with my boyfriend and best friend at the same time

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I am a bisexual girl who has a boyfriend of 3 months now. I also have a female best friend who, it turns out, I've developed feelings for. I don't know what to do because I love them both ever so dearly but don't want to ruin anything or make things complicated. They both mean so much to me that it'll hurt me if I loose them.

I can't talk to my family because my family don't like my best friend so their opinions are one sided. And I can't tell my friends because... I have trust issues with people.

Me and my boyfriend are long distance and my and my best friend go to the same school but she is a senior, and graduating this year while I am a junior. If you didn't catch on but we all are in high school. My boyfriend is 4 days older than me.

Can someone please give me advise? Please?

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I think that unless your best friend is bisexual or lesbian, there is probably no point telling her you have feelings for her. I think it might push her away. Not necessarily because she's homophobic but once a friend tells you they're in love with you, it feels very awkward to continue the friendship if you don't feel the same. If she's straight I would recommend to just try to push your feelings away and move on. You have a boyfriend so focus on him and building your relationship. Guys come and go but a best friend is forever (in theory), so don't ruin your friendship.

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If you cross those lines of friendship- can often lead to trouble.

So think hard on if it's worth risking that.

Maybe, you need to back off hanging with this galfriend of yours as much, if you are truly into this bf - you've been involved with for 3 mos.

As for the bf... well if you're that much into him (how long distance?  That can be an issue as well) . Have you two even met?


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