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He cancelled the Wedding


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10 hours ago, East4 said:

Well, we are at a point where I have been verbally abused by the poster VeraBraun and pretty much ganged up against by other posters. I see no further use to participate in this discussion.

As I said, I respect everyone who earns their living with honest work, regardless of their nationality. I also respectfully explained that at the moment the EU is under significant stress from migrants and COVID, and simply cannot take more people who for one or another reason intend to live in the EU, but will not be able to work due to lack of work permit and citizenship. 




I haven't abused you , I just answered you for your racist, and sexist comments,assuming that you are from some poor place yourself since you have zero manners and politeness, is also nationalist , so don't play victim now and be a man at least once in your life )If my work bothers you so much ,I can open your eyes: I spent in Eu more than you prolly in half of your life ,and it was MY OWN MONEY ,I also worked in Consulting Firm my whole study part time, I paid for my education and paid taxes. Its not my fault that you have problems with your life and spread your hate on forums. Treat your complexes, cheers)

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Are you back home? Just restart your life and be glad you dodged a bullet. He was too immature and pampered to be a good partner.

As to unnecessary accusations in your topic. The issues of residency marriage is well known. In the US it's called a green card marriage.

However, those are usually pre-planned. That's not your situation at all.

This is a situation of meeting someone, having a relationship and unfortunately a breakup.

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