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Wife is determined to make an insane purchase


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On 2/28/2021 at 1:56 AM, Cherylyn said:

She'll find out how hard it is to earn a dollar and have her spend it for the coins.  See how long this lasts.  Sooner or later, your wife will realize how exhausting it is to work just to pay for a few coins.  She will realize that staying home is in some ways, easier!

I think that was the point Dias was trying to make about not trusting people who have never worked.  They may not understand those dynamics.  

It makes sense.

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Wow!  Over 70 replies and the OP only posted 2 of them and that was 2 weeks ago.  I think he is gone.

OP if you do happen to come back.  Encourage her to get a job, you help with your child more so she can feel like she contributes financially to the family just like you do and if she wants to waste money on 2 coins with a rate of return that is hilariously low then they will be all hers and she can keep the dividends.

The smart thing to do would be to take the 4K and invest it in a mutual fund or a 529 for your child's future college.  A Roth 401K is always a good choice too.  The only people making money off those coins is the people selling them on late night TV...


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