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Girlfriend has low Libido

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Well my girlfriend says she has low libido she has had this problem for years I picked up this when I realized she never initiates sex, as much as I love her I find it hard to believe it and it's ruining our relationship I mean how do you date someone whom you never feel sexually attracted to them. These are not the conditions I wanna live with please help

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You belong with someone who matches your libido and she belongs with someone who matches her libido. Otherwise, you're living a life of frustration. It's called incompatibility. Like the other poster said, it's always a good idea to get checked out medically. But if she's not willing to do that, or if she does and her hormone levels are fine, I suggest ending an unsatisfying relationship. Love is never enough when one's major needs aren't being met.

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2 hours ago, Tshepo said:


Ok. That's enough time for you to know about each other. It seems like she's just not into you and you're in the friendzone.

Simply cut your losses and end it. Date women who are more romantically interested in you.

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