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Retired after 30 years at the same place

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8 hours ago, Mel11 said:

Congratulations. You will suddenly be asking yourself how the heck you ever found time for a job. The mail will be more interesting, and you may even enjoy flipping through the ink soaked junk mail before it hits the recycle bin. Once that phase passes, you will wonder what you had planned to do for the rest of your life. You might feel down too, but that will pass real quick, so long as you keep yourself busy with hobbies and things you love to do. You mentioned leading an organization for years. If you should get bored, you could do a little start up, on your terms. It sounds like you have a ton of people in your network that respect you, and that would give you a lot of support.  I am not suggesting this for money, but something for you to do, that you are passionate about and never took the time to do. Something  that wouldn't really feel like a job or work. You would be your own boss and could shut the doors anytime you wanted. You could work 2 hours a week or 30. Something FUN after the years of structured service that you gave to others. You seem like a very sociable person, so that is why I think that would be a neat thing for you to do. It's not that you have to work, or even want to. But like I said, if it's something you are passionate about and love, then it would not be work at all. Enjoy your retirement. And, again, congrats from a semi-retired.

Thank you.

I am actually having to schedule down time since I retired.  I have always felt that I was put on this earth to help others and now I have more time for that.  Plus I have so many projects of my own.  I spent the whole day yesterday in a boom lift trimming trees on my property and my buddies place.  I need to pace myself...


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Huge congratulations! So nice to be missed as well! I am kinda envious of all your free time laying straight ahead of you! How luxurious! Bathe in it and no rush to get too anything straight away right?!


Ever had a dream, desire, or anything you really wanted to do but just never found the time? I always think retirement seems like that final stretch where you potentially have energy and drive still but importantly, time on your side. I’d chill and soak it up!


Sounds like you have a lovely property.


All the best, whatever you get into - abs, as others have said, it would be sad to see you drift off. I remember your username and advise back when I posted my forest question here probably, 2009 or something like that, maybe a little later but feels like a trillion years ago! You must stay! People need sage advise! 

Happy retirement!


(PS - I love the film ‘About Schmidt l’ for its dark comedy and Jack Nicholson - retirement themed but, he ends up buying a motor home! Hahaha! I know a retired lady who did the same and goes travelling everywhere in it, has a community of friends in that lifestyle)


Lo x


Lo x

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