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Absolutely crazy situation between two girls


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This story is long so I need to condense it.

Basically Girl A we'll call her Sarah and I met last year and had been dating for roughly 7 months before we broke up. Her biggest problems with me were I need too much alone time. I still don't really understand this because I was spending 4 out of 7 days a week with her and just because I wanted gaming time and friendship time it was causing problems. She also said I can be very lazy which I admit, I am a lazy guy, but professionally I am quite driven and make over 6 figures in income. I'm just lazy around the house, like chores. Sarah has done very well for herself has a great job and I find her facial features very attractive. Unfortunately she doesn't take care of herself physically and has gained a bit of weight and talking to her about it always results in fights. As a matter of fact we fight about a lot of stupid things. Our sex life is not so good as you can imagine.

Well after we broke up I met another girl B we'll call her Lindsey. Her and I get along really well and have every interest in common. She's cute, but I wouldn't say she's attractive in the face as much as girl A. She's very kind, smart, but unfortunately she's kind of had a rough life. Her family hasn't supported her, she has no income (shes in her 30s). Although she does have an education and used to run a photography business. She's recently divorced, no children. Our sex life is really good.

Well Lindsey lived out of state so we decided after a few months of talking that I'd bring her here for a few months til she got on her feet and find her an apartment. Well after about a week of living together it didn't work our for one reason or another. Although I suspect that It was because I was having trouble being romantic with her. So she moved in with family nearby.

Well it was during this time that I started missing girl A again and reached out. During this time we started dating again, however I hadn't completely let go of Lindsey either. So I was hanging out with Sarah in real life while still maintaining contact with Lindsey online. 

Now I need to decide before things get out of hand what to do because I don't want to keep dating both and risk hurting them. I just don't know about Sarah because she's nitpicky about everything and using put downs. But Lindsey isn't really financially stable and I'm not so sure about how I feel about her attractiveness wise in the face. Maybe I can look past these short comings? Am I being vain? Selfish? Ugh. 

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39 minutes ago, bigunsure said:

 I met last year and had been dating for roughly 7 months .I'm just lazy around the house, like chores.

 after a few months of talking . Well after about a week of living together it didn't work our for one reason or another. 

Why are these women living with you after a few months? Sort yourself out. It's not about them. 

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You have issue's with girl A... you two split.

You don't feel all that great with girl B - ran back to girl A?

I agree with above responses... leave them both.. Move on.. This is on YOU.


Also, You split up with girl A - for reasons ( so she isn't good enough)

You did not give girl B much time AND got involved with her too soon after girl A..?

Pushed her away and went back to girl A - think that was a good idea?

Sounds like you don't fancy either enough. (especially Girl B... or you would not have run back to girl A).

And good luck on finding someone Perfect.

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