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Hey all,

I’m new here. Not really sure who else to reach out so thought I’d join and hopefully it’ll help me offload.

My daily battle with anxiety is becoming a struggle now. 
just a question for you all, what’s one thing that helped you cope with anxiety? 

When you went through a hard time what lesson did you learn? has to helped you grow as person? Why do we allow ourselves to get into such a dark place? Why does our mind have so much control over us? Why aren’t we more powerful than our mind?

when I have the courage to open up I will do that. For now I’m just trying to stand on my own two feet and find a safe place for me to talk and express how I feel 

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Ohh anxiety.. ugh.. can feel so awful!  😞  ..Been there.

A few yrs ago was when I first had extreme anxiety- unable to 'function' properly, due to a few too many overwhelming experiences... My dr put me on Ativan- to try function a little better/ sleep/ eat, etc.

I ended up in therapy, again and ongoing for 4 yrs.  I had a lot to work through.  I also turned to journaling.. another way to 'release'..

Through therapy, I was able to vent.. and work through many issue's... plus learn 'coping mechanisms'.. As well as 'Self care' and things like mindfulness- because it can get quite bad (anxiety).

Having a hard time - was no 'lesson learned'.. was just really rough. ( You know of flght or flight?)..IMO- is just how the mind/body responds to too much stimulation and our overwhelming world, or damaging/frightning experiences.

We are 'emotional beings'. 

In order to TRY and be 'more powerful' with our mind, I feel is just to try and cope. to try and retrain the brain/ work through that is affecting us ( yes, one can be damaged from experiences). And can take a LOT of time & work to try and work through it....

If you are experiencing such anxiety, to where you feel it's getting the better half of you & overwhelming, please speak to your doctor.. explain this to them, they can probably help you out with something like a med.

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9 hours ago, SooSad33 said:

I ended up in therapy,  

Having a hard time - was no 'lesson learned'.. 

Very much agree with this. The best place to "offload" is through therapy. This way, what you offload about can be specifically addressed.

Also agree that  "hard times" don't teach anything. Instead, they drag you down further into the abyss of untreated depression/anxiety.

Make an appointment with your doctor for an evaluation of mood and for a referral to ongoing therapy.

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I hope you feel better very soon!  When I feel anxious and especially when I cannot sleep I do 4-7-8 breathing, Weill method.  I do it regularly with the result that you end up getting better at it and able to start it when you really need it -sometimes I do it when I'm feeling decent just preventatively.

I do cardio exercise every day.  It is awesome for my mental health.  

I doubled my water intake and basically quit diet soda some years ago.  A friend mentioned that drinking water relaxes her.  I noticed it did the same for me.  I highly recommend it (I drink 10-11 glasses a day).

I know I can't control my feelings but I can control my reactions.  I remind myself of that.

I am sorry you're struggling!

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