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3 hours ago, catfeeder said:

This has served me well because they can all gab with one another when I feel like being quiet, and the relationships they've formed with one another have taken the focus off of me.

Excellent strategy! 

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5 hours ago, Redhotchicita said:

Actually it started off just as a friendly coworker interaction .. she was over friendly & flattering & wanted to know things in the city so I was making suggestions .. after couple of weeks I noticed the complete aping to the point of hair cut bags & shoes birthday outfits ..I found this strange & putting off so I spaced out .. but she got clingier and wants to be best buddies while still buying what I wear & the need to completely replicate .. I may be insecure bout my identity but to keep my sanity I started being distant & realized I shouldn’t respond to the over-friendliness @ as she’s latching on & like you rightly said I can’t be the mentor here .. I’m in no position to mentor her when I’m disliking the twining so much 😞 I know it’s my issue but the only way to handle was to distance but she’s not letting go & wants to chat & socialize all the time which is the cause of the draining & toxicity which I’m feeling on my end .. again complete my emotions not adjusting to the aping I know .. maybe I need to get comfortable in my skin & have fun looking at this form of copying right? 

So you made suggestions, you took it to a personal level and you don't like how she seemed to overreact to your suggestions.  If your job doesn't require you to mentor her then you're doing it for personal reasons.  And I'm glad you agree you are not the right person by any means.  You can control only yourself.  Do your work, respond to her only in professional ways and yes ignore what she is wearing on her body.  You sound like you're describing a social environment.  It's not.  It's work.  You crossed the line into personal and now you're  trying to back it down.  

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On 1/28/2021 at 6:09 PM, Redhotchicita said:
Just imagine working in an office & having a coworker sitting next to you copy everything you wear. We are 35 plus year old medical professionals seeing the same patients, but she comes from a rural area & wanted to fit in & that’s fine but has started aping me & it’s not flattering it’s plain irritating that someone goes & buys everything you wear down to sweaters, shoes, same haircut from my dresser. So how do you deal a coworker who imitates you to this extent?
What I've done so far (Since a year)- stopped sharing details of my stuff but now she owns everything that I wear & is literally twinning on most days. 
So, Ive tried to maintain a distance as its draining me & find her toxic. But that's making her clingier and intrusive she's calling /texting desperately.
It sounds trivial but I have to work & deal with this person daily & I love my job.  Would really like your expert advice on how to handle this hindrance.

I think you should ignore her. Do not answer her calls and messages. Or just say that you are not pleased to be around her. It may be unpleasant for her, but still try. I hope soon she will stop imitating you.

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Ignore her. Perhaps she will be offended, but still she will understand that you are not pleased. Do not answer her calls and messages. I hope soon she will understand that you are not pleased with her presence.

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