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Am I doing the right thing in cutting my losses

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2 hours ago, Lambert said:

Good for you.  one of the things that always helped me, not reach out, was the knowledge that they were expecting me to!

The world is your oyster. She's got a lot of responsibilities and sounds like issues. 

You're going to go on and be a great partner for someone else.  

At the end of the day, that's all you can do. Work on yourself so that when you meet someone your ready. 

So many of the guys I've met, they just aren't ready.  And maybe they could be etc, but I'm not putting up that. So think about what you owe your future partner, heal for the future life you want... not the past you're trying to forget. 

Thank you those words mean a lot.

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14 hours ago, Anonymous said:

They will be happy as they know its for the best and don't want to see me unhappy, at the same time especially my mum, they do understand when you have strong feelings for someone its hard to reject them when they tell you what you want to hear to give you hope, I have been struggling with alternating feelings, one moment I feel liberated that I'm going to move on and be in a happier place at some point and look back with relief then after i will feel like I hope it isn't the end and at some point things may sort themselves out, I just hope the latter fizzles out, its so hard to train your mind to not feel that way but at the moment I feel really good about myself and not allowing to dwell or mope, keeping myself busy at work, even doing overtime on Saturday! Also when I was younger I used to really enjoy dj'ing so I'm going to purchase some equipment and get back into that for a hobby

This hope is the left over imagined relationship that you carried in your mind.  It was never real, you had hopes and imagined how great it would be with her but it never was.  In reality the relationship was one sided and was detrimental to you.  It not only hurt you emotionally it hurt you physically.

  Yes by all means get back to the things you enjoy and you find joy in doing.  Remember the happier and fulfilled you are the more attractive you will be to the right woman and the less likely you will be to get drug down this path again.


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