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15 year old with a 31 year old


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I met this man online and gave him my snapchat, we have a 16 year difference. I'm 15 and hes 31. He's cool, nice and always compliments me. He treats me special. I obviously ask him about our age difference but he's ok with it and says he likes girls my age anyway. I understand that I'm not a little kid anymore but the age of consent is 17 where he is from. Im under that. But when I forget about his age, he gives me great advice and never treats me bad. Some things he does weird me out, but thats just his personality. I trust him now. He dosent exactly force me to do anything I dont want to, he just knows whats best for me and tells me its going to be ok.
My parents dont know im talking to him and I dont want to tell them anyway because they will make me block him. We speak for at least an hour everyday and is really understanding about me not knowing as much as him. Is this relationship fine OR should I wait till im 17/18? 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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