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Question for people who’ve had their nose broken

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How long did it take for the pain to completely go away? Does it completely go away?


Some ********* punched me in the face early December. Everything appears to have healed up, my nose is aligned (but to see it on the X-ray, it’s not a straight thing anymore, rather, two steps, like a minecraft nose). There was some worry that the bone below it was fractured so I saw a facial specialist, they said everything was fine enough and it would be a gamble to try and correct it further.

I’ve been noticing lately sometimes my face aches, around the area that bruised when I was punched. (So maybe not so much where the break is but under one eye socket.)

The internet be all like ‘your nose should be healed in 3 weeks’ which has been and gone. There is no findable information about the longer term effects of a broken nose and I find it hard not to think this dull ache will be with me for life. 

Tell me your experiences?

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I broke mine when I was about 10 years old. Never had it properly set. I had surgery in my late 20s because when it healed my nostrils were almost completely blocked and I was sleeping badly due to being unable to breathe through it. I never realized I was sleeping poorly until I had it fixed. It also was crooked and hooked so cosmetically it looked better after the surgery. 

Surgery was painful but definitely worth it.

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OP, get a second opinion, and maybe even a third. As many as it takes to get a satisfactory and decent result.  A dull ache in your face should be seen to.  I don't think you should put up with it.  Good luck!

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Consult an ENT. See if you have underlying sinus issues from this. Dr Google is very generalized info, but an ENT can review and compare your radiographs as well as further investigate anatomy and function.

Keep in mind that the facial structures are very complex and there's a fine line between overzealous corrective surgery and addressing pain, which may have more conservative management.

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