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I hate my stepdad so much! My life was perfect. I had loving parents, my two adorable baby sisters, my little yorkie, and a perfect little house. Everyday was fun, happy, and enjoyable. Then, my dad got a really good job in California. My parents didn't want to do long distance, so they divorced. Just having mom and us girls was okay though, and we stayed in touch with dad. Everything was okay, until she met Steve. Soon enough, everything changed. We moved two hours away from our happy home to a crappy home. Well, it was a nicely built house, but it wasn't a home. If I had to describe him in one word it would be... cheesehead.  All he does is sit on the couch all day and watch TV. He's always lingering around and I feel like I can never say anything. But the thing that annoys me the most is... well...

One time, I got up to watch the sunrise. I heard one of the twins crying, so I tiptoed into their room and picked her up out of her crib. It was a chilly, fall morning, so I got her some milk in a cup and we cuddled and watched the sunrise. The one thing that I liked was my time in the morning, before Steve got up. I started to smell her diaper, so I took her upstairs for a quick change. Shortly after, we headed back down so she could play. Now, keep in mind, it was about 7:00 AM, while Steve got up at like noon. So, we go downstairs enjoying our sissy time, when we hear the TV turn on. Just great, it's him! We tried to continue playing, but anytime she would giggle or I would talk, he would start screaming. "I didn't get up this early to listen to you mother f****ers make all this noise. Get out!" I picked up my sister as fast as I could and we went into my room. Once my mom got up I told her all about it, but of course she took his side. Anyway, that's the story of my HORRIBLE stepfather. Bye.

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3 minutes ago, AvaAva said:

Then, my dad got a really good job in California.  and we stayed in touch with dad.

Tell your father about the abuse. Ask if you can live with him. Tell your mother you want to live with your father, since her husband is abusive to you. Also talk to teachers and other trusted adults about what is going on at home.

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