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I don’t know what to do

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So there are two girls I really like at school. One of them rides my bus, and the other I see around often and we have the same lunch. An important thing to note is that neither of them have ever talked to me before, and they both just so happen to be friends.

A while ago I said hi twice to the one on the bus, but she never showed any interest in me, so I decided that I want to approach the other now. However, I have absolutely no idea how I can do this because I can’t find a single thing we have in common since we’ve never talked. I also think it would be weird if I show interest in her since I already showed interest in her friend and she didn’t care.

I have no idea what to do. Which one would be the best to approach? How do I even approach them and start a conversation? What would be the best time to do so? (In the hallway, at lunch, etc).

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Sure you can. You go to the same school, so break the ice with some chitchat about classes, homework, teachers, etc. 

You have to start out with small talk even if it seems silly, it's the social lubricant you need for people to get to know you and like you.

Be upbeat, fun and outgoing smile a lot.


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Best one to approach, is the one who isn't ignoring you.. .. say HI to the other one.

Lunch w/ her?  Smile & say Hi then, as you walk past her :) - If she responds, there's a start.

Then see IF she starts to check you out, should you run into each other...

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You don't owe anything to bus girl so leave that idea at the door.

Chat with whomever you please and follow the advice about smiling and keeping an open mind. You're not going in there to date everyone who looks at you. You're just there to chat and get to know people. Think of it in a friendly way and don't put so much pressure on yourself. 

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7 minutes ago, Galgar said:

Oh yeah, and something new came up also. It seems that they both ride my bus now. This just happened today.

Excellent. More opportunities to break the ice and make some friends and small talk about school, classes, teachers, etc.

Be confident. Just smile and don't put a lot of pressure on yourself. Everyone is human. Be the first to just say hi.

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