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Just a quick one really..

This has been confusing me to hell i met my partner in dec 2020 on my birthday ive slept with him 3 times so far were almost together all the time he made out he was sexcrazy when we were talking but nothinki give him the odd little bj now and then but not til hes climaxed! As hes stops me i ask for a play he says later orhe's to tired or got a headache but last night was the tip of theiceberg we had foreplay for 5 mins on the couch he took 2 viagra as he somtimes cantget hard we went to bed and he all of a sudden became really really ill..... amd was to tired and poorly we couldn't do it spoken to him said ill support him if he calls the doctor for a docs call i saidi would evem pick his prescription up and get it out as he said he was a bit embarrassed we talk openly about this hes happy to talk about it to me so if went docs we wouldn't have to buy them.. he dont ever tell people hes with me (100% i know hes not in a relationship) he wont say nothink about anythink on facebook about me i finally asked for a explanation last night as i feel horrible and useless he just stared at the tv or moaned like i was nagging when i wasnt and fell asleep hes home now tonight as i have my son. 

Anyone have any ideas im thinking of ending things hes a really cuddly man im 30 hes 42 but absolutely nothink in the bedroom he's never tried it on its always me just to just to be told later or not now. I domt understand its upsetting me 

Please help


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45 minutes ago, Littlelegs said:

 dec 2020  ive slept with him 3 times.

he took 2 viagra as he somtimes cantget hard 

 im 30 hes 42 

Ok, you've only dated/hooked up a few times.

It's clear you're not sexually compatible. 

Simply tell him you are not a match in a firm yet kind way.

Free yourself from this and move forward.

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