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My boyfriend never has time for me

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So I just need somw thoughts about am I right or not.My boyfriend spends most time playing games with his friend,litteraly sometimes when he wakes up he calls him to play.And that lasts really often half a day,then again at the evening they start playing and that last until the morning sometimes.It bothers me becuase of that he doesnt have time for me.I mean he text me and all but i get a text after a couple hours sometimes becuase he plays video games.And it makes me so angry that for everything he has time,but for me he hasnt time at least one hour to call me or something.I mean he calls me to join his friend and him on call but when i come they only talk about videogames and i feel like i am being ignored.I also miss talking to him without his friend being with us on call.I cant talk about everything i want with my boyfriend when he is there.So sorry for the long text😅i just needed to say anywhere what is bothering me and maybe get some advice that can help me🤷‍♂️

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Sorry this is happening. How long have you been dating? How old is he? 

Does he live with his parents? Does he work or go to school?

People make time for what's important to them.

If he's wasting his life away on a gaming addiction, don't waste time on him.

End it and date boys who respect you and care about you.


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Sometimes you have to let people do what they want.  And at the same time, you can use that information to make decisions for your life.

if you want a boyfriend that makes more time for the relationship, then find a guy that is looking for the same thing. 

Instead of feeling bad about this guy, recognize the world is full of people. It's a waste of energy to try to fix another person or change them.  See them for what they are and stop basing your feelings on what they're doing. 

Let this guy go with your actions... stop accepting calls with him and his friend. Stop waiting for a text. Focus on yourself and spend your time on things you enjoy.  That's how you loosen the attachment.  Then given time, you will see you don't care so much.

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Don't date a gamer....period.

btw COD and WOW both have expansions out right now and I'm sure there are plenty of people complaining like yourself.....

It will give you a chance to meet those who don't play.

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Sounds like he is dating his buddy not you.

He isn't ready to be in a relationship.  Please tell me you both are very young because if this guy is over 25 I will fall out of my chair!!!

  Time to break this off so you won't feel like you come last in his life.  I am sure there are a ton of guys that would love to date you.


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