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Boyfriend does not keep pictures

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13 hours ago, Bbygirl said:

So he was in the marines. Hasnt dated anyone since freshman year of high school. And I had decided it was he hadn’t mentally switched into being officially in a relationship. (We were officially and it was on Snapchat so not public). So he’s changed his behavior and He is really respectful. I just am finding it difficult to let go of that. 

What does that even mean "mentally switched" -there is no such thing.  A person who wants to be exclusive with you needs no switch.  It just comes naturally because people move towards pleasure and away from pain.  People who want to be in committed relationship act consistently with that for the simple reason that they wanna be.  No mental gymnastics or switching needed.  Now yes people who have to change living arrangements may have to remember to put the seat down in the bathroom or not finish all the cookies if they're living with someone -same for roommates - but nope, no switching needed.  And how is it respectful to comment on women's photos that they are gorgeous and message them?

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