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46 minutes ago, lostandhurt said:


Yes, that's what it would've been. So I told her I couldn't do it, she suggested the FWB thing, and I, having never done that before, said yes. No avoidance, no fear.


50 minutes ago, lostandhurt said:

many times we create our own bad timing without even knowing it...

I agree but that just wasn't the case here.


51 minutes ago, lostandhurt said:

She protected herself and might have even hoped months ago that you would change your mind.  Special women come along rarely, treat the next one accordingly.

I think I protected her too. And myself, for that matter. I easily could've dived into a relationship from the start instead of being open with her. Not good. I treated her as well as I knew how under the circumstances, but I get your point. Very true.


54 minutes ago, lostandhurt said:

 I am sure your story will have a happy ending

Thank you so much. I believe that too. And hey, we had a fantastic year of fun and friendship, and that's not even getting into the 'benefits'. We laughed a lot (a lot) and had each other's backs, always. We were as happy as could be for as long as it lasted, and no matter the nature of the relationship, It would be difficult to hope for more than that. We split with no hard feelings, no resentment, no hostility, no regrets, and she'll always be one of my best friends no matter the circumstances. I trust her to do what she needs to do for herself to be healthy and happy, and I wish nothing less than what's best for her. And as for me, I'll be fine. I just happened to have missed that boat, but luckily I know how to swim. 🙂


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