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Covid and long term mental health care

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Even though I feel terrible about COVID-19, this pandemic has a silver lining and some blessings in disguise for me. 

My relationships with local relatives and in-laws are peaceful.  However, due to my grudges regarding the past, I'm always uncomfortable around them.  I haven't seen them since Christmas 2019 and honestly, I'm savoring and relishing this break from them to the hilt.  I've never been more content in my life. 

However, I miss my local best friend whom I grew up with.  She was my maid-of-honor.  We have occasional phone chats, drop off Christmas and birthday gifts to each other on doorsteps and sometimes text.  Even though I miss my outings with her such as all day mall shopping and meals out,  I'm enjoying the break from her.  

I love my "free bird" status! 🙂

My husband and I both work from home during this pandemic.  We save a lot on gas, get a few extra hours of sleep since the alarm doesn't blare at 4AM anymore, we don't get stuck in traffic, there is no more wear 'n tear on our cars not to mention our nerves.  We've been able to save a considerable amount of money every month.  For us, it's been a win-win situation.  We take long, daily walks together, accompany each other on errands and suddenly have time unlike last year.  He has been able to do home improvements and repairs while I have time for my hobbies such as sewing quilts, calligraphy, cake decorating, embossing and stamping greeting cards, scrap booking and I enjoy cooking high cuisine.  

We don't rush around unlike our past frenetic pace.  I'm enjoying life in the slow lane as of late.  If anything, this pandemic has been a boon to my mental health. 

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18 hours ago, boltnrun said:

I don't blame you.  I'm supposed to get an x-ray on my shoulder because I am in pain and only have about 50% use of it but I would have to go to the hospital, check in at the front desk, then go to radiology and sit in the waiting room for my turn.  Then I'd have to go to a changing room, put on a gown and get the x-rays done.  My doctor also ordered a chest x-ray so it will take some time.  The doctor ordered those before I got Covid.  I drove into the hospital parking lot, took a quick look and thought "Nope!" and drove home.  I still won't go even though I don't need to worry about catching Covid.

Thankfully I already got my blood work done and my thyroid med adjusted.

I hope you're able to get the new dose asap.

It is coming down with some mindful breathing about 10 times a day. And more water . It has been at 130/90. So now it just needs to come on down a bit more and I will be OK but I’m still going to keep my appointment. 

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