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If we can look past the incriminations and wide eyed choices made while in love I think you can see what needs to be done.

Clearly he likes the situation and is happy to cruise along while you do all the heavy lifting right?     By the fact that you took the time to find this forum, make a profile and post a thread means you are very unhappy and looking for answers.

 It is hard to look at the person you married for love and see a deadbeat that is all talk and no action.  He has done little to nothing to make the family prosperous and happy, on the contrary he is more like a child than a husband and father.

  What to do?  If you can see things as they really are that he has no intention of changing, he doesn't truly love you and is willing to sit back and watch you struggle to provide for the family then the answer is very simple.  Left with only one option makes the choice simple doesn't it?  But actually walking away is so much harder than reading some words on a forum from strangers telling you to throw him out and divorce him.  It just isn't that easy and never will be for someone like you.  To help you find the strength I want to you to always think about you and your child's survival because that is what it is.  To make a good life for yourself you need to remove the dead wood.  It may seem harsh but I think you may in fact force him to get off his butt and make something of himself once you are not there holding him up.

 Instead of talking divorce and making him leave why don't you start the divorce without his knowledge, get help from social services or the county in doing so and basically get all your ducks in a row BEFORE telling him you are divorcing him.  This gives you some legal standing if he tries to run off with your child.

  What is your family support system situation?


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On 1/11/2021 at 12:41 PM, UncertainWife said:

Tell me, how do you define a clear parasite? How many people have you gone through or waited to get married or commit to anyone?

I define a parasite as a person who takes without giving anything back

As to the second part of your question I don't understand it.


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