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I feel like my boyfriend doesn't listen or think my feelings are important :(

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Wow, so you stay with this guy because he is not as abusive as your exes.  Why do you think so little of yourself where you chose  these types of people.  You are the common denominator. 

I don’t know what his crazy ex has to do with anything, as it does NOT excuse his behavior.  

I think it is interesting that you have not shared with your family.  I guess you know that they will feel the same as your friends. How can you continue in life with dating someone that your friends hate?  How is this not alarming to you?   Then,  you top it off with the drinking and cheating.  I truly feel sorry that you value yourself so little.  

did you grow up in an abusive  home? Are you going to raise children with someone who cheats, drinks, belittles, and abuses you?  Do you really want that for your children? 

does he have a job? 

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On 12/31/2020 at 6:03 AM, Marta2018. said:

How can i get him to try see things from my point of view or listen to how I'm feeling?

You can't make someone be compassionate or empathetic if that's not their natural inclination. Period. 

Mocking you and laughing in your face is abuse. Maybe it's not the worst you've had, but that doesn't make it ok.

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You mention you are the owner, but do you actually both live there together?

I would definitely let him know you are not happy with the drinking and waking you up when sick as it is rude and disrespectful. 

He then should be able to be a mature adult and change his ways and apologize.

If not, then it could be a bigger issue, but I would first try and get past this incident with him so it never happens again. 


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