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Thoughts on College Courses

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I am trying to carve out my Spring semester classes and part of my prerequisites is taking Anatomy and Physiology but I prefer not to take them both during the same semester given the level of difficulty and time required for Anatomy. My other option is to take Anatomy in the Spring and Physiology in the Summer and take either Psychology or Intercultural Communications alongside Anatomy in the Spring. Keep in mind I am already carrying a full-time course load during the Spring semester.

Does anyone have any experience with either psych courses or intercultural communications and if so, what's your opinion on taking one over the other alongside Anatomy? I've spoken with my school counselor and peer advisor but I also thought it might be a good idea to check around before deciding.

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I think it really depends on your school, and how they formulate their curriculums. I could see "intercultural communications" being a fluff course in the schools that I went to. But it might be rigorous at yours. Suggest asking your schoolmates.

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