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Update: My Girlfriend and My Tarot Cards...


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I wasn't sure if I should post this, if Mods want to take it down that's fine. 

A while back I posted about this situation.  When I was a senior in college I did an independent study where I created a Deck of Tarot cards.  (I was an art major.)  This was a massive project that involved practically everyone I know.  I couldn't afford to hire professional models.  My family and friends modeled for various cards, and my ex husband was a model for two of them.  He is dead now, fyi.  We weren't together when he passed away but we were friends at the time.  I tied to publish them after graduating, but  no publisher wanted them because there was no market for digital art.  And then my computer crashed and I couldn't find the backup files for years. 

My girlfriend was basically hinting around that she wanted a Tarot deck.  I remember telling her about the ones I made, that were lost.  And then about a week later I found them.  I went though the files and showed a bunch of them to her and she loved them.  So I figured it would be really cool to actually have them printed out and give her a deck. 

I posted about it here and some of the replies I got really surprised me.  A lot of people seemed so intent on attaching some nasty motive to me doing this.  People thought the whole deck was made as a tribute to my ex (not true, he was still alive when I made them and tributes don't work that way.)  People also thought this was some really deep personal project where I was working though some deep emotions.  Not all art is some intense personal representation of what the artist was going through.  Not all art comes from negative emotions or brooding.  It’s usually the opposite for me, actually.  My most productive times are when I’m happiest.  Not everything has some deep profound meaning.  Sometimes art is created just for aesthetics   Also, artists create art just to sell. Think what you want about that but it’s actually pretty common.

I can see how some people would have a problem with my ex being used as a model on two cards.  I did end up changing one of them.  The other one I left as is.  But his face is mostly covered in that one.  To me, it's just silly to be jealous of someone's past.  My gf and I don't have that kind of relationship.  She had a life before me and I had a life before her.  She had an ex who died under similar circumstances to my ex, and that was one of the things we bonded over when we first started talking.  She is a musician, and she wrote songs about her dead ex, which I have heard. 

So, ex thing I can understand, but I was really surprised by people's reactions to my friends and family being used as models.  One person said they really wouldn't want to receive something with pics of their partner's family and friends all over it.  Ok... it's an art project, not a photo album. 

Why am I going on about this... Because not everyone is out to get their SO.  Idk... it seems like there are some really jaded people here who just refuse to see the good in others.  (I don't mean everyone, just some.)

Based on the replies I got I decided I wasn't going to give them to her.  (Which was kind of funny in a way, because I stated 3 times in the thread that I wasn't going to give them to her, and one person kept complaining about how I'm not taking anyone's advice, which I just found hilarious.  Some people just need to complain to be happy I guess.)   The wise Catfeeder came along and changed my mind.  And I'm thankful for that. 

I gave them to her last night.  I'm not a Christian so I don't celebrate Christmas technically.  I celebrate the Winter Solstice, which was last night, if anyone is wondering why last night.  What happened?  She told me this was the best gift she's ever gotten, and said no one has ever given her anything like this in her life.  She actually teared up a little.  So I guess my idea was not as messed up as some people in my original thread thought it was.  So, that's what happened if anyone was wondering.  Thanks for looking.  (Sorry if there are any mistakes in this, still can't get my spell check add on to work on this site and I don't have time to proofread at the moment.)

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5 minutes ago, Batya33 said:

I'm so glad she loved them.  I saw the reactions to your original post -including yours - very differently from how you see them and that is what makes the world go round -different perspectives!  Hope you're both feeling better.

We are.  We are both back to work now.  But she is actually going to start looking for a new job after the Holidays because her job has treated her pretty bad since she had Covid.  They cut her hours and they just haven't been very nice to her since.  My job doesn't care as long as the doctor gave me clearance to come back, fortunately. 

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